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Teacher And Husband chapters 1-2 [English], by Saz (Also Known As Soba)

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What a bitch ! MOAR !

Awww, we’ve got a heroine with a definitely slutty, perverted, teasing and surprising character, no matter how much she’s a bitch (because she IS : no second thoughts, unending lust, toying with the partners), I like her :D

Graphically, this is pretty good, the heroine has a nice shameless face totally enjoying the present moment, however I must warn you the censorship bars are too thick to enjoy all that which could have been enjoyed *cough*
All in all, this is an intense carefree read, I think it’s worth recommending it to you all :)

By the way: don’t miss The list of ALL the works by Soba/Saz on Hentairules!

(Sorry, I don’t know who to thank for this release…)

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Aw yeah, I love Saz! Whether its Kamoro Saz or Saz/Soba, they're both fucking AWESOME!!! Thanks Oliver, you just made my day!


translated by: Kusanyagi


*sigh* why dose it ALWAYS have to be the wife slutting it up behinde the Husbands back?? Why cant it EVER be the husband slutting it up behinde the WIFES back…?

Oliver AKA The Admin

Err, the husband's the number one womanizer on Earth and he gave her a final high five, man.


hahaha….just read that part, funny.


Empty hedonism, for me anyway, makes for dull reading. I found I just didn't care about any of the characters, or what they did to each other. There are better choices you post here, Oliver, and I will now move on to one of them…

Oliver AKA The Admin

Sure, no prob, and then just in case have you read that one, I think it would suit you best :


thank you mister anonymous who translated this!