School Maid [English], by Kamishiro Ryu

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments

If it were me, it's the maid who would have won, yep.

I’ll start with the bad points : the scenario doesn’t make sense and isn’t even trying to (randomhentaiboy asked to chose between maid cosplay and neko swimsuit cosplay for a cafe during school festival, so : maid vs nekomimi swimsuit girl battle with his cock for jury ! – excuse me, wut ?!?), the censorship is relatively huge (thick black bars sometimes even getting in the way of guesswork.)
On the other hand, the good points are, simply, that uncomplicated happy sex with mutual liking feels quite pleasant to read, and the two heroines are real cuties, one shy (the “fire under the ice” type), and one proud perv :D

Well, see for yourselves, but me at least, I don’t regret reading it ^^ Thanks to Doujin-Moe’s Raikoh and Kizlan for this release ! :)

–Update: good news, this share has become obsolete!
From now on, it’s part of Ojousama No Maid Jijou, a 219 pages long volume :)

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11 years ago

Kamishiro Ryu.. The name totally made me think of the protagonist of Holyland (Yuu rather than Ryu).


Also, whoops my dad found out about this site since I left one of my downloads running >.> At least I know how to use proxies since he blocked it LOL

11 years ago

Cute. Many thanx Oliver. The school president is so smart. She is like a lighthouse of wisdom.

11 years ago

I've given up on criticizing scenarios. Now sensible scenarios are just bonuses, whenever I come across them.