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Cappucino chapters 1-2 [English], by Akira Gotoh

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Censorship ? Where ? I don't see censorship ? OH SHIT OK YOU WIN

Wheeeee ! I had no idea a continuation of Cappucino, by Akira Gotoh, had been printed in april 2012 ! :D

Great props to ACF and BluMeino for the translation and editing, once again :)

If you missed it previously, Cappucino is about a dark-skinned girl left in the custody of her brand new stepbrother, thanks to a rabid father. The girl doesn’t speak Japanese, but she speaks sex, and this is very, very hot :3
The chapter 2, with a LOT more humour, continues along the same lines, chocolate skin, eroticism, and a good fine heroine, go for it ! :D

By the same artist, I also share Kodomo No Jikan, volume 1 (209 pictures) and volume 2 (185 pictures).

The chapters 1-2,
Everything available in English to this day

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Here comes the zip link! Help yourselves! ^^
(30 MB, 46 pictures, English)

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I liked this little Step-Cest story… and as I said for Ch1, I hold her to be legal age. Now, lets hope for a Ch 3…. and thanks Oliver!


Well, that was fast. I recall someone mentioning there being a continuation in the previous post but did no expect it within a month or so. Automatic download!
Thanks, Bro. ;)


wonder what shes saying…o.O anyway thx for release hope theirs gonna be more of this sweetness XD


"Wheeeee ! I had no idea a continuation of Cappucino, by Akira Gotoh, had been printed in april 2012 !"

Glad to see. I'm not the only one, with senior moments.



Middy Uniform and Strip

title in Japanese: Sailor Fuku to Strip

mangaka: Inomaru
translated by: CGRascal

contains: big breasts, schoolgirl, defloration, exhibitionism, urination, femdom, group, bukkake, swimsuit, bondage, yuri

95.97mb zip



Seems entirely possible that she thought that she was being given to him to be his wife.

The Mother gave her to the Father who then left her with a male about her age and took off somewhere. It would not be the first time that scenario played out. And if its your new husband of course you would proceed with the baby making and do so with vigor..

Without any translastions of what she is saying it would fairly explain what happened.