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Fuyu No Manimani (“At The Mercy Of Winter”) [English], by Shiden Akira

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Shiden Akira, you rule :D
It’s winter, but she still wears a miniskirt uniform, bless her. Just because she feels like it, a ganguro girl (dark tanned skin, slacking attitude) hits on an older man (“old man”, she calls him, fuck it, I thought he looked my age ! I’m not old, and women still find me desirable ! xD), and they have great sex. Simple as that :)

I was afraid shit would hit the fan at some point, so I read it myself with a wary attitude : rest assured, you, you can read it without worries, everyone ! :)

This was translated by Zyrell, thank you very much for the nice work, and congratulations on a first translation job, it was great :)

By Shiden Akira, I also share Tiny Breasts Giant Boobs History (reedited version), My Neighbour Wakui-san, Jittoko Park, Netorirare, and the uncensored versions of Mamacon and Naughty Upskirt Angels.

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Now I am curious, Oliver. You watch Game of Thrones?


Hey, Oliver, it's been a while. Listen, I just read your "wall of text" and, seriously, the guy looks VERY old to me, but I'm not going to think that you look like that so (I know that this is none of my business), would you mine tell us a bit of yourself, in terms of apperance? And in particular, are you short, fat and with a freak face like the guy in this work? Thank you.

P.S.: I hope you won't take it the wrong way.


"winter is coming"! LOL!




Come on he could be in the mid 20s o_O

besides that, great work, different somehow but not TO much and the "story" is good.


can someone please explain to me this one cause i dont get it at all… how can a really hot gal bang an ugly old dude with a small cock like him? seriously sometime i dont get japanese mangaka minds at all… kinda feel sad here and a bit dumb… (i mean i travel to japan almost evry year and theirs no way a plot like this will ever happend like ever…)


I realize this is a pretty old posting but I have to tell you, there is zero hypnotism in this story. Is there a list of tags somewhere because I think you missed on a click or something.