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Two fast updates :)

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Hey everyone ! While I’m at it, 2 fast updates :)


I finally fixed my computer problems ! And this is thanks to the numerous comments left by everyone : REALLY, THANK YOU SO MUCH TO ALL WHO DROPPED COMMENTS TO HELP ! I’m grateful, you guys are cool :)

Eventually, it was indeed one of my two ram modules. Memtest never found anything wrong with it despite more testing, and I blindly trusted memtest, that was a considerable mistake. I’ll insist, if it weren’t for the comments insisting on the RAM, and all the testing-and-eliminating done after reading the flow of helpful comments, I’d have ended up poorer by 300 to 500 € today as we speak, in exchange of a computer whose improvements were not even needed.

It’s as if your flow of comments “earned” me, virtually, those 500 €. Thank you, seriously, thank you :)


It’s a hobby of mine, making “OH NO ! NOTHING FOUND” illustration pictures. I added 12 more pics, for a total of 32 pics now.

Search for any keyword not present on the blog, and you should see them. Reload if necessary to view the ones youhaven’t seen yet ;)
Or, heck, just open the source code of the results page, it’s javascript-based, if you’re reading it you’re l33t enough, haha ^^

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
Pick exclusively a precise file with a keyword search, or bulk leech like a madman, it's quick and easy :)

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You need moar 404 images. :(

Oliver AKA The Admin

I'm more picky with 404 images, they're shown much more rarely, so they have to be PERFECT.


Yeah, and that's why you need more! Two is not enough D:

Oliver AKA The Admin

When I find another pic perfectly suited for the job, I'll add it. I'm in no hurry or particular rush :)


Cool, glad we (read: not me) could help.

I have been having some computer issues of my own, and I know how you feel. Even the most tech-savvy of my friends are powerless to help me. Fuck Windows.

My problem is that Windows Update does not function at all. The program won't even open. I have even re-installed the damn thing, with no luck. Without some of those updates (which I can only get through WinUpdate) are essential for my ability to play any post-2004 game except Minecraft and Borderlands, strangely.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Maybe you could try reinstalling with another Windows disk, there's always thepiratebay if you need a new one…

You can consider installing your own current Windows disk into a Virtual Machine, to see if it's your hardware that's posing a problem. If your current Windows disk still has that problem in a virtual machine, fuck it, download another one…


Can you make 404 Gallery?
It take time when I want to see.


actually, I tried to get the .net update.

It didn't work.