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Superior Cake [English], by Igumox (here written as “Igumo Kusu”)

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"sperm-is-coming.jpg". I named that pic sperm-is-coming.jpg. GAME OF THRONES HERE I COME FOR A NEW EPISOOOOODE !

The idea behind the concept of Tsundere is that this is super sexy when a girl hides her soft loving nature behind a rough and violent appearance. I think (did you know I had a glossary, incidentally ?).

In the present case, for the present share, we have a lot of tsun (the heroine’s mood looked close to murderous) and a slightly bit of dere (not enough panels of this, in my opinion :D).

Apart from that, since I don’t want to spoil you the little scenario there is, let’s just say that this is a nice woman apparently around 25 years old, having magazine-censored sex with a young male adult, neither complicated nor out of the norm, it’s pleasant as it is :)
Credits are for Deviant, Youngfolk, Altereggo and Phantom Renegade from my dear Little White Butterflies team :)

–Update: good news, this share has become obsolete, as it’s now part of a complete manga:
Boku Dake No Yuuyami (“Only My Twilight”, 205 pictures) :)

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Kana from "Cheerism" by ED still rules (IMHO) as the epitome of tsundere-ism – the "hair-trigger, uber-violent" variety, that is.

… nonetheless, the transition from "tsun" to "dere" portrayed here was cute in its own way. Good one.


LOL!! there isn't happy, nor hardcore, nor pleasant, nor complicated neither… there's magazine-censored sex!!!


I want to make the perfect cake and make people HAPPY!!!! :-)


Looks like the guy got some

*Puts on sunglasses*

"Dere" with his dairy!


Oliver AKA The Admin

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