Happiness [English, 199 pictures], by Amatarou : Updated, Improved, Fixed and COMPLETE version ! =)

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By oliver_the_admin on 5 comments
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GREAT stuff, even if this is visibly an old manga :)

Following the recommendation given by some kind persons, I’m finally updating my share of Happiness, by Amatarou :)

The changes from the previous version (dated february 2010) are :
– addition of the chapter zero, called Sneaking Out Of Class Together
– I reedited the chapter zero with the tank scans, previously the translation was based on the magazine scans (before / after : adieu fugly gigantic boxed blur censorship, here comes very small censorship and higher resolution)
– faint levels correction for around one third of the chapters, I thought a stronger correction would have been better, but I wasn’t fully confident it wouldn’t have been occasionally excessive, to I kept it weak

With this, I hope I can say the manga is REALLY COMPLETE, at last :)

Happiness, by Amatarou is available HERE, enjoy !

13525543_000happiness_www.hen.jpg 13525544_00happiness_www.hent.jpg 13525545_00happiness_www.hent.jpg

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Thanks for the update, Oliver! :)


the color job for chapter 0 was unexpected, not the usual style amatarou does, but a fantastic share none the less, and thanks for taking the time to edit it with the tank scans.


Never saw the chapter zero before. He should have done a entire tank of that story.

Thanks for posting that up.


chapter zero was part of the story from the daisy tank, same characters.


"Nozoki Ana" (Vol 10 – Japanzai Group) and "How to Go Steady with a Nurse" (Vol 4 – Tadanohito Group) are ALMOST complete!!! xD

By the way if you want download "Nozoki Ana" Vol 11 (Raw), there are these links:

1) http://www.manga-zone.org/archives/2526.html

2) http://rawcs.blogspot.com.br/2011/11/nozoki-ana-u… (It is not only up to Vol 9 but actually up to Vol 11)

Sorry for my bad english.