Our Secret In Late Night [English], by Okara

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments
Tags: happy sex

The invisible penis. PH34R !

I like these stories based on “female vision”, when one of the two protagonists has an extremely biased sight of events around him/her, and suddenly everything turns the sexual way :lol:
Here, a busty woman totally misunderstands the behaviour of a kind man, and it all ends up in a happy sex session :roll:

Oh well, shall we simply enjoy the drawings ? ^_^ There’s magazine censorship but the artist tries to lessen this “problem”, with chosen positions, more focus on other erotic parts (a woman with a bit of clothing left is more arousing than stark naked, for instance, hmm, an ero jumper ^^), and, icing on the cake, the ending is fun :)
Credits and well-deserved thanks are for Desu and Darkfire, great job, good choice :D

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11 years ago

So after giving her virginity to this guy, who was happy to receive it, this stupid chick is actually suggesting he mess with a man, it was weird that she was drawing men with men but to actually suggest it, wow she has problems..

Oliver AKA The Admin
11 years ago
Reply to  Baki

Baki, you're not familiar enough with non-hentai mangas.

This is a common cliché, that women fantasize about yaoi relationships and love reading comics showing boy-boy love :)

11 years ago

Well, that's her kink, so if she's all wound up from sex, I guess it's expected… I'd think that if the Manager got called in, though, her over-active imagination would end her up in a 3P…