Regarding Riroland and Medaka Box… Wow ! O_o

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 4 comments
in Categories: Just Talking

Fresh news !

Riroland, the hentai artist… Is actually Akatsuki Akira, the artist drawing that nice manga, Medaka Box ! :shock:

When you know, yep, there’s a drawing similarity, indeed. And yet I would have never figured it out myself O_o Thanks to the kind Anon who told me about this :)

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Oliver AKA The Admin
11 years ago

Props to all who understood why I added the "Fresh !" tag ;)

11 years ago

Well, yeah, some mainstream mangaka (who even had anime now as well) started out with hentai. LOL

Another example would be Maken-Ki, from the creator of Tsundero. LOL

Like Medaka Box though, although there's a lot of fanservice still, it's mostly fighting (in a school).

11 years ago

I knew it! When I saw the Mojer Second screen I thought it was another medaka hentai since the girl really looks like medaka with her new haircut, almost insta-clicked it but for my disappointment it wasn't medaka =/ Would never have guessed it was the same mangaka though, thanks for the info.

11 years ago

yep, learned about this just a little before that doujin was posted. I'm surprised the author hasn't released an actual H chapter of medaka box (not part of the actual manga but just a treat for all the fans). you KNOW it would be a huge hit