Please Sensei [English], by Kawaisounako

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By oliver_the_admin on 3 comments

cute sex with love, always good on gloomy days, always welcome even on cheerful days :D

Haaa, this is cute =) Simply, a highschool girl who was sick during a prolongated time receives the visit of her male teacher, and she seizes the opportunity. A shy reserved girl doing her best at teasing a young adult man, this is cute, and the sex following this was nice, not exceptional but nice :)
Credits are for Aussie and Pepperming Grinder from Life 4 Kaoru, thank you very much ! :)

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11 years ago

Page 10: The pearls of tears in a cute girl's eyes, coupled with that "shot to the heart" question: "Am I not good enough?" – can any normal/straight man hope to resist?


11 years ago
Reply to  MHM

I can, I prefer it when my women don't cry during sex.

11 years ago

A love story with a vanilla mood, a cute girl and good drawings. The kind of work I really like. Thanks life4kaoru for the translation and Oliver for sharing it. :)