Carnivorous Sister [English], by Chiyou Yoyuchi

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By oliver_the_admin on 4 comments

That face was both funny and scary O_o

To my surprise, the female heroine isn’t a yandere, a tsundere, or a dominatrix. I can’t say her mental health is radiantly fine, but, still, nothing’s too freaky at least ^^
Simply, this is an elder sister with a total “taking my younger brother’s virginity” fantasy, who finally snaps and hunts her target down :D
The censorship is annoyingly heavy (thick black bars), the drawing style is nice and sometimes funny… I think I can recommend that manga, all in all, and thanks to Cgrascal !

UPDATE : good news, this post has become obsolete. This share is now part of a complete manga, called Midare Hajimeta Karada, and it is available HERE :)


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11 years ago

Reminds me of the elder sister in "Hajimete No Otouto Ijiri" by Arsenal.


11 years ago

Hi Oliver.

Seems that something within this post has broken your rss feed.

Anyway, thanks for the shares, it's still a pleasure to wake up in the morning and find out these works.

Oliver AKA The Admin
11 years ago
Reply to  Hypo

Weiiiird O_o

11 years ago

Cool, for once it is not a cheating/netori/borderline NTR from Junkie/Chiyou Yoyuchi (Yup, it is the same guy who is behind these two names. He has already released 2 entire books, and a very few chapters deals with this kind of story) which has been translated this time, but a (very soft) femdom story. What more can you ask for ? Thanks a lot. :)