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Chief’s Job [English], by Sink

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Ahegaos for males ? Wonders O_o

I hope you’ll enjoy this one, because I don’t think I’ll share many more works by this mangaka, Sink, in the near or even distant future. There are artists that I dislike, sometimes for no precise reason , sometimes because they’re picking themes that I loathe. To my surprise, after I still gave it “a look just-in-case-it-changed-over-time“), I found this release to be surprisingly soft : only massive ahegaos on both male and female side, mutually calling names, and hyper-energetic sex.
I keep a reserved opinion about it, but I still deem it worth sharing. Like it or not, it’s up to you ^^ – And thanks to Anon and Super Shanko for this release :)

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery (or the backup gallery)

Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(41 MB, 21 pictures, English)

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Hijo del León
Hijo del León

He has a very particular style. I remember the first time I read some of his work for the first time (a couple of Pretty Cure doujins) and the faces felt rather… grotesquely eye-catching. He's not bad, he just has a very weird style.

Also, thanks for sharing!


I like his artistic style; its unique. unfortunately this guy's subject matter tends to be the rape/mind-break/netorare variety. if you're into that afro-scans has been posting several chapters of this guys work called kanjyuku


Sink maintains my interest due to the unique style as any attempt at scenario (regardless of the themes covered) is usually largely forgettable by comparison. That carnal lust (I'm not sure what to call it but it's more than simple ahegao) in the faces though, it's weird, but I love it.


Huh, what did I just read here ? o.0

Well, like the guest said earlier, it is unusual that Sink doesn't do this time a rape/mind-break/NTR story. So it's okay. Thanks.^^


I think I'd rather see Homunculus, Lunch, Coelacanth & every other "god of vanilla" emulate Napata's latest work ("My Next Door Neighbor Yamazaki-san"), rather than deal with stuff like this, ever again.



another person's garbage is another person's…….