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High Res, Good Scans and English-Reedited version of Green Day [English], by Black Dog :)

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Aweshum ! I'l clapping as well as I can with my available hand !

Cf this comparison ! :twisted:

Until today, there were 2 versions of Green day :
– the English version, based on super-poor super-low-res scans, with ugly typesetting
– the Japanese high res version, with good images, re-scanned from a better source by Bubbadg

Well, fortunately, here comes the third and final version, the best of two worlds :)
A kind soul called Zodd has reedited it all, using the high res and quality Japanese scans, and applying to them, after several improvements, the English translation.
Sweet :)

So, well, enjoy your good old-school hentai, Sailor Jupiter in bloomers having excellent sex, provided by Black Dog, at last in good quality :)
Credits ar for Zodd (whole reediting, I proofread and provided initial advice with typography), Bubbadg (re-scanning in high resolution from a better print) and Tithonium for the translation :)

And don’t forget the updated Black Dog COMPLETE PACK !

(Remember to view the updated list of ALL Black Dog’s shares on Hentairules)

19543656_00green_day_new_reed.jpg 19543658_00green_day_new_reed.jpg 19543662_00green_day_new_reed.jpg

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery (or the backup gallery)

Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(59 MB, 32 pictures, English)

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Or you can also use the Alternative :
Zip Mirror #1 – or – Zip Mirror #2

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I noticed you fixed my mega pack, did you also include the two mangas I had forgotten?

Oliver AKA The Admin

Oops ? Nah, I just took the copy of it I had on my hard drive, removed the previous version of Green Day, added the new one I made, and called it a day…


…Oh. Well, if you wanna add it:

Pretty sure there's another but I can't remember atm.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Let's say : ping me when you remember which one is still missing ^_^


If I do, I’ll let you know.

On an unrelated note, if I go missing for a couple of weeks don’t be surprised. My city is about to get hit with a hurricane that could kill me and/or cause a power outage that might last weeks.

Oliver AKA The Admin

"third and final version" Let's hope not. Your not thinking of the Linie factor.


ps: Thanks Zodd

Oliver AKA The Admin

Zip or it didn't happen ;)


Deposit Files link is dead.