Two nice adult links :)

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments
in Categories: Just Talking

Hi everyone :)

I thought I could post two nice links here, if you’re interested in free adult quality contents ?

– On the hentai side, my friend Vaizard has recently reposted on his blog a truckload of quality contents, and fixed the links to many VNs. You might want to give it a look, there are materials that you might like :)

– On the non-hentai side, if you’re into amateur girls, I found an exceptionally good “amateur girls high resolution full sets”, with TONS of QUALITY contents on that page (usually, with amateur pics, there’s either quality or quantity or good res, but never all 3 simultaneously), inside the gallery-dump website.

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11 years ago

none hentais are kinda gross to me…(actually more like close to make me puke…)

11 years ago

Thnx oliver ^^