M4 (Monster 4), by Clone Ningen, is now UNCENSORED ! :)

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 1 comment
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Datt ass. Yum.

Pleasant news, the great High Nine Eleven has decensored M4 – Monster 4, by Clone Ningen, the nice story about 4 female teachers, aged 25 or around, giving a student the fuck of a lifetime :twisted:
I insist, H9E REALLY made a great work on it, besides the decensoring, there were epic pieces of work, like a double page joining that must have required a ton of work. Great job, really, man !

M4 – Monsters 4, now Uncensored, can be found HERE – enjoy ! ^_^

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11 years ago

translated by: Mitsuru translations

This is the only tale, i am aware of. That has been translated out of the mangaka's tankoubon, Momojiri 400%..