Great Proposal Plan [English], by Minority

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 1 comment
Tags: Anal, comedy
Verbally, right ? Huhu.

What the hell did I read ? :lol:
Great Proposal Plan is the story of a Master who has problems confessing his love to his slave and asking her hand, until he finds the successful angle of attack, that is to say, to attack her verbally and anally. Yeah, you too, you might be asking yourselves “what the hell did I read”, now ;)

This is funny, highly original, rather well drawn, so I have high hopes you may love it :)
Credits are for Blurk and Lapan, from Team Vanilla, thank you very much !

Update: this post has become obsolete.
From now on, you will find this work as a chapter inside Negative Kanako-sensei :)


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11 years ago

Like no other teacher I have ever seen, heard of, or shared a classroom with… damn… thanks, Oliver for this sort of wild proposal story….