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Their Night Together [English], by Umezawa Takeki

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Me, all along : BUT WAKE UUUUUUUUPPP !!!

Two youngsters, friends, have a drinking party, and the girl proceeds to enjoying her drunken male friend. She’s good at that, persuading him he’s having a wet dream when he wakes up in the middle. However, “hey, since it’s a wet dream, I may as well enjoy it, right ?”, and more vigorous sex follows ^^;;

I’m not all that much into drunk/sleeping sex (isn’t that a form of abuse, even if it’s a benign one ?), but I still have to reckon the drawings are pretty good (nice paizuri, followed by the usual vaginal action), and the smile on the girl’s face was really nice too :)
Thanks a lot to our dear Lusty Lady Project members, BlackRussian (you may know him as Njmanga ?) and Lusty Lady 00 :)

— Update: excellent news, the present post has become obsolete
From now on, please follow that link to get the UNCENSORED version :)

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
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Sort of reminds me of "Good Morning" by Tsukino Jyogi (not exactly the same, but rather close). B)


And even a bit of "Hajimete no Otouto Ijiri" by Arsenal. xD


my new fav hentai artist

H for Ecchi
H for Ecchi

Thanks for this, Oliver!

I have a strange liking for these "sleeping beauty scenari". The ones where the other wakes up as well as these were they don´t or they fake remaining asleep. While I admit it is a kind of abuse it´s a fantasy that makes it easy for me to ignore what would be the downside for a "victim" and just enjoy it. It´s just highly unlikely to happen that way (not counting banging a passed out chick or somethign among those lines which doesn´t differ from rape for me). In general I enjoy fetishes who are plain doomed for the stupidity/unlikelihood of scenario so I just stop thinking and enjoy it.