Could a coder help with the Tags plugin used on Hentairules ?

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments
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 I’m asking just in case, you never know ;)

The tags system present on Hentairules is based on the work of a coder who suddenly disappeared, leaving us with an unfinished job :-/

Would a kind soul, with coding skills, familiar with Wordpress, be willing to lend a hand ? :)
(more details follow)

(Please reassure me, you DID notice I added a tags system on, allowing the visitors to add tags themselves, and also to downvote a tag until it disappears, or to upvote a tag to make sure it won’t disappear ? ^^)

At the moment, this tags system is far from perfect, the number of votes received by tags is not shown, and no other feature works with it. There’s another version of the plugin, Ajax-based, (Ajax is required to avoid conflicting with the blog cache, caching everything not Java-loaded), but that version simply won’t work, forcing me to use the initial beta version of the plugin. Autosuggestion, managing banned words, managing synonyms, all of that is only implemented in the broken Ajax version. I’d also like to see more features added, like the tags added by the post author to start with more votes.

And, that’s why I’m posting it here, I would really love it, if a kind wordpress coder would have one or two hours to look at the code base, the current working-with-imperfections one, the broken Ajax version, in order to bring certain specific improvements / bugfixes.

If you’ve got coding skills and you know the wordpress specifics, if you can spend a pair or hours (or more ? No idea O_o) on it, I’d be really, REALLY grateful !
And you may contact me to discuss about the details of the improvements and fixes :)

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11 years ago

I would love to help but can't I am just starting to learn coding so I would be useless even though I could put forth time and effort for this cause.

11 years ago

My coding skills are pretty good, php,javascript,html,css,mysql.
Only never coded for Wordpress, sorry.