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Midara Books chapters 1-2 [English], by Kon-Kit

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OK, those are unrealistic hips. But, come on, in their own way, it's hot !

Update (I like making updates like that) : this post is now obsolete !

Midara Books has now been ENTIRELY translated to English.
And it is available HERE :)


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Awesome. Many thanx Oliver.


Trivia time – Midara Books (the tankoubon) is made of:
01 – Little sister figure
02 – UFO c03
03 – The woman who never misses returns
04 – Midara Books (the chapter)
05 – Woman at the edge of the cliff – Sequel
06 – secret sword something cherry blossom something fucking moonrunes
07 – Suicide Man's Hospitalisation
08 – Prostitute Taxi c02
09 – Woman at the edge of the cliff VS Usamama

All that continuity gets so many of my boners.

Suicide Man's Tent c01-02 will probably be collected in his next tank…

Oliver AKA The Admin

Oh man. Thanks for the information !

It also means this is going to be a nightmare for me to know how to sort the next releases I see by Kon-Kit !

I've already deliberately forgotten to share a pair of them because I had the intuition it was only part of something larger and I didn't want to screw up and discover I could as well as delete it and need to upload a repack a pair of hours later -_-


1 & 8 has been released by desudesu
those two chapters corresponds to which ones here ? 4 and ?

anyway thanks oliver for posting this release, like kon-kit :)


Man the ending i lol'ed


I never tire of Kon-kit, his formula works:
-goofy, aloof, coquettish females with smoking hot bods
-well drawn pouty mouths with lips
-weird humor
-the knock-knee stance

Thanks for the upload.


Damn, i love Kon-kit manga. Thanks oliver for sharing this awesome manga.
Can not wait for next chapter :)


Oliver, I'm afraid that this share is not obsolete just yet, because Chapter 2 is not included in the Midara Books tank. It must've been made AFTER the tank was compiled and released.