Even Though I’ve Grown Up Already [English], by Subachi

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Tags: pettanko
I'm not very much into pettanko, but I *think* pettanko lovers should love that one, I hope I'm not mistaken :)

An almost pettanko-type girl is mad at everyone else treating her like a brat (well, she acts like a brat, lol) even though she’s old enough. So, mad at her parents, she takes shelter at her male childhood friend’s place. Yes, there will be the obligatory sex scene in which they confess to each other, to their mutual surprise, that they’re in love with each other, after the first sex panels of course.

I especially liked the phone call given by the heroine’s mother in which she clearly tells « feel free to go down on her » : that’s parenting done the right way ! :lol:

The magazine censorship is infuriating, so I don’t know if I should recommend this share to everyone. On the other hand, I think pettanko fans should really dig that one – at least, I hope so ! Well, read the pictures gallery, make yourself your own opinion :o
And thanks a lot to my dear LustyLady00 and Black Russian, from The Lusty Lady Project, for this share :)

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