Absolute Authority chapter 4, by Jyaco, really needs a translator. Please, someone ? :)

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments
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I SO hope to read it in English, some day ^^

This is an important call from Anti Aging Anon : please, would a translator like to translate Absolute Authority Sisters (Zettai Kengen Sisters) chapter 4 ?
The chapters 1-3 were simply GREAT, and the 4th and final chapter, regrettably left untranslated, brings a very good ending too, with lots of sex and a happy ending :)

You may download Absolute Authority Sisters chapter 4 here :
Zip mirror #1 – or – Zip mirror #2 – or – Zip mirror #3 – or – Zip mirror #4
Or I also made a pictures gallery : main gallery – or – backup gallery

If you’re a translator and that piqued your interested, good, good !
And if you need an editor, I think Anti Aging Anon might be up to the job, feel free to contact me or leave a comment about it, I’ll gladly forward the info to him with your contact info :)

And if you want more, by Jyaco, I also share Skinship Syndrome.

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11 years ago

I wish I would've seen this post 10 minutes ago. I would've asked Kusojijii before he left. D:

11 years ago

I hope Jyaco makes some more stuff…his art is awesome, crazy plump and hot girls, just like I like em. And a translation for chapter 4 is definitely needed….I agree.

11 years ago

the second zip mirror is wrong :o it link me to the Blind_Princess_Saki_Urara_Ch1_2_3_ENG.zip file ^o^