Just saying, a GLORIOUS pack has been updated ;)

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments
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Hoping you enjoy it ^_^

Just saying, I updated my Clesta Total Pack with
3 new volumes and
2 censored->Uncensored replacements :
– Addition of Cl-Ev05 (a series of sexy anime heroines pictures, without dialogues)
– Replacement of Cl-Orz 23 with its Uncensored version
– Replacement of Cl-Orz 24 with its Uncensored version
– Addition of CL-Orz 25 in its Korean version (I didn’t find any Japanese or English version, but, hey, it’s better than nothing !)
– Addition of CL-orz 26 in its English version

So, if you want absolutely GOOD full-color art, with hardcore love, have a go at my Clesta Total Pack ;)
(assuming you didn’t know of this pack yet, but it should be hard to miss, though :lol: )

My Clesta Total Pack is available HERE, enjoy ! :)

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11 years ago

Speaking of packs… a new shiwasu no Okina story titled 'You're my Idol' has come out… thought you'd be interested and might not know since you didn't rush to share it and IIRC, you're a great fan of that author.

11 years ago

sweeeeeeet, I don't think I finished reading the last update of this you put out. Oh well, time for a re-dl