Pleasant pack of 2 works by Mikami Cannon [English] : Riko’s Big Adventure (brand new) + I Love You (retouched, better levels)

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 5 comments
Tags: comedy

I really, REALLY loved those two works ! I hope to read a full tank by this artist some day ^_^

UPDATE : I’m too lazy to update the Zips below, but please hear me, one of these two works, Riko’s Big Adventure, is now available, repacked, in the complete and AWESOME Orgasmic Body full manga :)
Besides, by Mikami Cannon, I also share a pack of 5 works

I enjoyed a whole lot “Riko’s Big Adventure”, freshly released by our dear Dark Knight, and I thought it was a chance to share another of the works by Mikami Cannon that had been sleeping on my hard drive for god knows how long, called “I Love You”, translated by Michi.

In both cases, we have a pleasant lightweight scenario, with gentle humour and caring, though passionate, sex. Riko’s Big Adventure has very good drawings (look, let’s even call them “art”), with easy to ignore censorship, and is based on a funny idea (a kind tribe in which men adore small-chested women and treat them with great care), while “I Love You” is much more into vanilla and sex with love, however at the cost of a huge censorship.
I hope these two works will allow you to have a good time reading them :)

By the same artist, I also share the AMAZING Orgasmic Body (192 pictures), Zecchou Yokkyuu (207 pictures), Otona No Jikan, Takagi Airi No 10-pun Challenge, Swap!, and A pack of 5 works (Aroma Blend + Cherry Blossoms & Sake & Love + Reminiscence + Room 203’s Love Story + Tama From Third Street.)

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery (or the backup gallery)

Here comes the zip link! Help yourselves! ^^
(21 MB, 41 pictures, English)

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What nation was that supposed to be? Looks like something Polynesian or Samoan.


Riko’s Big Adventure may be based on street fighter 3. The native girl Elena looks just like Elena in street fighter 3. Right down to her clothes


Awesome. Many thanx Oliver.


“I Love You!”, was translated by: Michi.

wink wink

Oliver AKA The Admin

I was sure I could recognize SirC's touch O_o

Oh well, thank you :)