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Touhou CRAZY HILARIOUS doujin [English] : Magnum Koishi, by Imizu

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The VERY BEST Futa I have EVER read. I mean it.

Oh my god. Did I ever laugh so hard with a futanari manga ?
I wouldn’t want to spoil you the manga’s interest, but please hear my recommendation : please . just . read . this ! :D

Argh, I have to say it.


In short, two Touhou heroines, Satori and her sister Koishi, are about to have futanari sex, if the non-futa one finally accepts to cross the line. A mental struggle follows, brilliantly illustrated as an actual fight that goes the crazy AK47ian fiesta way. And then – sex.

The art is EXCELLENT (a detail among dozens of others, did you notice a good photo requires the subject to be on the sides of the image rather than at the perfect center ? Look at how the artist places his two heroines in horizontal rectangular panels), during sex and during the fight scene (which reminded me a bit of Udon-ya’s Monster Hunter volumes), the humour is CRAZY.
Please, seriously, failing to read that one would be a huge miss :lol:

Thanks a lot, a whole LOT, to Ackeejag, from Pineapples’R’Us ! :)
Side note, instead of the 85 MB release, I also offer a 25 MB recompressed version.

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery (or the backup gallery)

Here comes the zip link! Help yourselves! ^^
(85 MB, 58 pictures, English)

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And, if it can help, I’m also offering you a recompressed version. No visible changes for the naked eye, but the archive shrinks from 85 to 25 MB.
Recompressed version, zip : Mirror #1 – or – Mirror #2 – or – Mirror #3



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Sing si lip yan
Sing si lip yan

Art style is a lot like Yamatogawa


Damn now that you mention it, it does huh?


I was thinking the same thing. Like a combo of Yamatogawa and an American web artist named Jay Naylor (non-furry work).


<3 futa =) And if it's a futa that _Oliver_ likes well shit.


More Imizu!


I'm ashamed already to have watched Bible Black, as much as I agree with your recommendations Oliver, I cannot read a futa work, EVER lol. I'm more afraid to actually enjoy it because I will be that guy that has enjoyed a girl growing a penis.

Phantoms Cry
Phantoms Cry

Procrastinating in hentai endeavors beckons contemporary serendipity for the characters portrayed. I cannot sanctify watching a male and female. Prior to, I indulge in futanari hentai, almost exclusively now. However, I can safely say I don't enjoy or even remotely look forward to a girl growing a penis. If it can enlighten your perspective, it's the basis of what would be considered happy sex. The characters not only oblige in each other, but can appreciate their time spent satisfactorily.

Basically, I watch futanari hentai because I don't want to watch male x female. Instead, I want to watch female x female, but through my experiences with porn, I hate the concept of females insufficiently meeting a climax. Dildo's can suffice, but futa is the next step for both characters to find pleasure. So I'm contempt.

Oliver AKA The Admin

I must say you wrote a fine, convincing explanation, I'm growing more respectful towards futa lovers :)


If that's your #1 futa manga, I shall present you a close second:

futa sex-wrestling, how's that.