Kuzumi SOS 1 [English], by Sabusuka

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 10 comments
Tags: comedy
Damn, that mascot was totally creepy, I hope the story doen't go FUBAR when a continuation appears !

Where did the magical girls of my youth disappear ? Apparently, nowadays, meeting a cute magical creature making you a magical girl can only lead you into the pits of gore and despair, or into porn O_o

Oh well, today’s the porn route, so let’s not complain too much :twisted:

The heroine, totally depressive, receives the visit of a weird magical creature (the “please stay cute, don’t go full creepy you obvious anomaly of nature !!” type), and learns she’s been granted the wonderful pleasure to make men’s lives marvelous.

Ahem : a few pages later, she discovers she can’t send kamehamehas, redact a Death Note or turn lead into gold, no, she can simply offer a man the greatest sexual ecstasy he’s ever felt, simply by touching his body, anywhere. That’s enough for her to extert her magic for Greater Justice And Porn ! ;)

OK, you get the gist, the sex is good (oral, vaginal), there’s a femdom note at times, rare funnyness (huhu) the scenario is interesting, but we can’t fight a lingering, eerie feeling, that shit might hit the fan any moment. I’m sold, I liked it and I want more ! :D
Thanks to AuraDevil for the release, and to 2Hip who told me it was AuraDevil ! :)

By the same artist, I also share Miss Sonomura And The Education Of The Newcomer, Air-H chapters 1+4 + Epilogue, the spin-off from Air-H: Ninshiki Sarenai SEX Zanmai Na Hibi, Tsuma Toiu Sekai, and Tsuma Toiu Sekai ~ Kurosaki Karin No Baai.

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I agree with the eerie feeling, especially since I haven't trusted cute, magical creatures since I saw Puella Madoka Magica. Also, that smile of that "thing" is scary as hell.


translated: AuraDevil

Oliver AKA The Admin

Thank you 2Hip :)


welcome welcome


Yup, creepy mascot alright. More specifically, Like a mix of kuybey (or however it's spelled) from PMM and the Bumblebee man from the Simpsons. Plus the grin at the last panel really isn't helping…

Now, the story itself was pretty funny, I'll admit. Girl tries to kill herself, gets magic powers, uses said magic powers to femdom a bunch of bullies, and gets it on with a fellow bullee (I'll just go ahead and assume that's a word).

Thanks for the share, t'was a fun read.


I read the raws, second chapter is gonna be interesting.
I like Sabusuka, his/her works have plot and original ideas to support the good drawings. And the chapters are pretty long, comparatively. It shows commitment.
Oliver, if I were you, I'd keep watch on this fine piece by the same author:

It's going to be a bitch to translate, but whoever does it will have my lifelong gratitude.

midnight barber
midnight barber

My ntr sense is tingling.


First of all, thanks Oliver for sharing this here. I also wanted to let you know that the second chapter of this has already been translated by AuraDevil (you can find it on e-hentai), and there are at least 3 more chapters that haven't been translated yet. It looks like this series might continue on for a while.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Really ? EXCELLENT ! I'll be glad to check it out, thank you Zathael ! ^_^


Woo another excellent work!

Thanks Oliver-san!!!