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Risou No Battery chapters 1-2 [English, apparently complete], by Doumou

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That's not because I'm disappointed with the manga that I can't take pleasure in making a cool big preview picture ;)

This is the least pleasant work by Doumou that I’ve read so far, so, even though I’m still sharing, I have to warn you against it, okay ?
Scenario-wise, this is about a boy playing baseball, with a girly face and a normal boy’s body, except that, under the clothes, to hell with logic, this is a girl with a fine hips to waist ratio and very large breasts. A teammate finds out and half-blackmails half-convinces the girl to become his sexual partner, in chapter 2 the same deal resumes with another male welp added to the hollow plot, but time passes and the story ends with the girl calling it a day, bam dum tss.

Graphically, Doumou’s extremely strong point is the “highly pleased” expressions on the faces of the girls having sex, gradually growing hornier and hornier, far from ugly ahegaos, they’re simply smiling broadly, grinding their teeth, and turning slutty-eyed. However, that also relies on the girls thoroughly enjoying and accepting the sex they’re into. Do you think a weak setup such as the one I described would allow it ? Bang, you got it. Huge disappointment.
Credits are for Cgrascal, thanks for the work and time spent, nonetheless !

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I do not know how to value it,but i reaaly like that comment:" I actually think this is near Reality for me, I mean first of all she didn't got Netorared or turned into a Slutty Bitch, but rather she just choose the most realistically approved option if a real female student where to get raped (Moving away and transferring to another school) Rather than staying around just to get fucked even more.
And truth be told I think The Vanilla Tag should be here as well.
I mean lets face it, the fact that even nor shits like that happened she still choose to be part of a baseball team which is proof that she still values the game even if she is no longer playing it.
Not to mention in the end she did pretty much ended up as Hachiman's new manager, giving this two love birds another go in life, truth be told Its girls like that which really deserves pure love rather than girls who breaks easily into Cock hunger whores just because they got rapes once."


This was definitely probably Doumou's darkest story, but even then, it didn't really cross over into super NTR/Rage territory. In fact, it was pretty realistic, except the actual sex part lol. But the jealously, ill will and over all jerkass tendencies of teenagers was all here. I do feel that a setup to maybe end this on a positive note is in play if we ever get a sequeal, especially since the girl doesn't look mind-broken into a cum bucket.

The fact they are both older and maybe more mature will help too.


The events, whether extremely damaging to her mind or not, were sufficient to make this an unpleasant story. Rape doesn't do it for me, so I didn't finish it, or DL it. And Vanilla tag? No fucking way….


While I agree this does not deserve a vanilla tag, I cant honestly say it deserves a NTR tag either…she didnt really BELONG to any1…she was raped twice.


extreme vanilla content. very echii. dont look if dont like echii <3.


I knew there is 3 chapter where rly end <3


This is not completed, there is an untranslated chapter 3

Ok-ish by the end, sort of HE. I think she could do better but meh