The Janitor’s Room [English], by E-Musu Aki

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments
Well, at least it provided me materials for a demotivational pic, right ? Update : good news, this post is now obsolete ! O_oYou see, I’m now sharing Melty Play, a 223 pictures long jewel, and The Janitor’s Room is now one of the chapters of this manga :)


Actually, I'm proud of my bonus pic, and I don't want you guys to miss it ^^;;
Actually, I DO care about that shit, that pic reflects my anger and disappointment. Just to avoid misunderstandings ^^

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11 years ago

alright one, no breaking, but hips shaking

11 years ago

Meh. Blackmail and Gang-fucking. For a guy like me that doesn't share, or appreciate sloppy seconds, it was an uninteresting story. Keep it.

11 years ago
Reply to  widowchaser

Not sure if I can really call this blackmailing. I mean, he simply showed her the vid of her screwing around and told her he would like to do the same to her. He never mentioned anything about showing it to her family, which – according to Mr. Janitor's "slutty wifes like you" – must include a husband.
Based on her reactions – her starting to suck his dick right there and then, while his two friends are still there playing in the living room and not showing much concern after having those two find out about what was going on, as well as starting some groupsex with them – I'd say she's a major slut who would have fucked him even without the vid. I bet just by pulling out his cock, she would have jumped him.

As for the sloppy seconds, I totally have to agree. Add to that the other guys mom, who also happens to enjoy some old janitor dick as a side dish to her (presumably) husband's and we get a wholeheartedly "MEH"-story. So thanks for the thought of sharing Oliver, but I kindly refuse.