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Psychology Sex [English], by Somejima

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Mixed feelings. Is temporary mindbreak as bad as permanent mindbreak ?

Haaa, hypnotism~~ It can lead to deranging mindfucks as well as great well-thought stuff.

UPDATE : Good news, this post has become obsolete ! This work is now available within the complete Zecchou Shoujo manga :)


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So is she wearing earphones? Did she trick the jerk and take his money, oh well he did get to bang her, but he is still a prick..^_^


Nah, she wasn't wearing any plugs. At the end, he hypnotized her to forget the whole "I'm your cumdump sex slave for life, please impregnate me"-business. The cash was just her regular payment for his – supposed to be harmless – hypnotism experimental sessions.


translated by: Desudesu (for doujin-moe)

Oliver AKA The Admin

Thanks :)


After reading the thing , one must agree with your description up to a point , just because hypnosis is temporary in this case doesn't change the fact she is raped , the subversion of her will through hypnosis don't make it better it make it worse . This is a work of fiction and one poorly written as you said and it doesn't irritate me as much as shindol (or Takeda Hiromitsu) later work and or other childish sadistic fantasy . I say childish because you shared once the work of Shiniez who kind of opened my eye to the idea of a mature relationship between dominated and dominant , I still find the word of master and slave Highly degrading , and I don't judge people , as in the end they are still master of their own will and respect each other , who have those fantasy , but in the Hentai world this is rarely the case. You find such occurence in B37C or Prince of the star of Tsukino Jyogi or the excellent let's play with koike ieda san Tastuya mitamori and otherwork more relevant that I am forgetting . I guess all I am saying is that in the word perversion , there are thing whom you should rather called deviation of the norm, who are perfectly acceptable , and there is true perversion , something deeply wrong ,disgusting , evil even , and while this one is barely toying with what I find horrific , rape , tempering of will , the destruction of one Innocence and the glorification of the process . But on the other hand while I find I can't read those type of work without feeling stained by it , each one as is own taste and it is important to respect them, . Especially since most of them paint such unrealistic scenario , that you can hardly bring yourself to believe for one second this could really happen . Most of all this could be used as a Catharsis for many .
But Enough with my rant I have bothered you for far too long with my consideration !! I am sorry If I have spoiled your fun .