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This Ojou-sama’s In Trouble ! I’ve Got To Do Something [English], by ShindoL

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That share also contained the most virile headbutt in several years :D

Like a moth attracted by the flame, the heroine, a spoiled rich girl, repeatidly buys hardcore rape porn from a sex-shop in a shady part of her town. The male hero saves her twice before she finally has sex with him, rough sex as she asked.

… I feel this summary is a bit off, it misses the erotic intensity conveyed by the girl’s face, and the lack of “crap, how sick is that shit” repulsion I would have felt if the male hero wasn’t such a good guy actually.

In other words, reading that one felt quite good, and it was a bit funny too, I’m glad to see at last this side of ShindoL again :)
Graphically, this isn’t top notch (ShindoL has done better), but it still conveyed a fine erotic intensity, I hope you may also feel this !
This has been released by Desu and DarkFire, thank you :)

(For MORE works by this artist, Cf. The list of ALL of shindoL’s works !)

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nice i.


Glad to know ShindoL is still drawing hentai, I was afraid he quitted it after finishing TSF Monogatari. I hope he is going to draw more stories similar to this one. While I do enjoy his more extreme works, my favorite is still vanilla mixed with humorous hardcore actions. That being said, what really attracted me in this story is not the girl but the guy. I think this is the first time I see a male lead with a good and strong personality in a ShindoL story.


If he ever writes a continuation, i have a feeling he will turned it into a gangrape+impregnation. But i hope he stays writing stories like this one and i bet most of the people want that.


I am hoping for the same thing, but given Shindo's penchant for hardcore actions I doubt that is possible. I can take impregnation but gang rape is bit strong to my taste.


LOL! That chick is sooooo twisted! To me, It has an almost Vanilla feel to it… a kind of weird vanilla, but vanilla. Thanks for the share, Oliver. And to Desu and DarkFire, thank you too!


Awww I liked that Oo
Call me twisted like her, but if she likes it rough, she likes it rough and that's it :P
Ending was also good… kinda expected that though, but that doesn't make it worse Oo


Oh dear, this was probably the one that lit the niche fetish (CNC) in me.