UNCENSORED version of Aaan Megami-sama [English, 226 pictures], by Hori Hiroaki (Also Known As Polinky)

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments
in Categories: Just Talking

Another mindfuck. But, Jebus, the drawings were awesome O_o

How about a COMPLETELY UNCENSORED 226 pages long manga ? :)
Thanks to the great work by Eroguro55 and Teddy Bear (both of them decensored the manga, and Teddy Bear also reedited it), Aaan Megami-sama, by Hori Hiroki, a manga full with excellent drawings despite somehow trying to wriggle our brain to death, is now censorship-free ^^

Aaan Megami-Sama, now uncensored, is available HERE :)

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11 years ago

Oliver, if you're still looking for untranslated works for a commission, I higly suggest "My darling", by the same author. It's got nice drawings and a more acceptable plot. From what I can grasp, it's about a guy and 5 other girls trying to bed him for various reasons, we have the childhood friend, a dark skinned blonde loli, a ninja loli and her big sister and the european lady with big boobs. Give it a try, I'm sure you'll like it.

Oliver AKA The Admin
11 years ago
Reply to  Pippo

Will take a look. Thank you Pippo :)

(and your comment was in the spam folder, I just restored it)

11 years ago

Drawing-wise, nice. Story wise…. I don't even. To me, she develops Stockholm syndrome, the guy is…wrong. He enslaves her and then "loves" her? Yet the manga passes the overall story as a love…thing. And then there is the problem with story flow. rape->sister-> evil twist -> redemption ->child + incest + evil twist part 2?
I mean I assume its partially inspired by AMG/OMG but its so…like RE6 story wise. Just…wha…?

But good pictures.