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Itoko No Karada [English], by Sugaishi

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I loved the big sister, but her slowness at being "converted" annoyed me. At least, the younger sister was more sincere.

Isn’t it cute, a (pettanko) sister introducing her older (mature-looking, large-breasted) sister to sex, through her boyfriend (and, incidentally, their cousin) ? The drawings were good, and “intense” enough to make be somehow manage to ignore the fact they were whiteout-censored.

Credits are for Palaxius, Nanitakagi, Animu and Mumei, from Mumei Translations, thank you :)

By the same artist, I also share Pavlov and Tarafuku Manma, they’re worth it, them too ^^

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Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(14 MB, 19 pictures, English)

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Let's see … according to the storyline, last year the protagonist hooks up with his (pettanko) cousin. This year, he "captures" her elder sister. Story ends with two women talking to him, in (coincidentally – NOT) similar manner as he was approached by the elder sister.

Is it just me or is some trend forming?


You're just seeeing things. No, just kidding. =P

Since it's a FAMILY gathering, does that mean the two new girls (well, one a woman wearing a wedding ring!) are related? The married one looks like the older sister, and the loli looks like a younger version of the pettanko….Does that mean third sister..and mother? LOL, incestfest.


The function of his harem is probably something like f(x) = 2^x where x represents the numeber of years.


Haven't read it yet, but I'll be grabbin' it now for future fun. Just from that preview pic I say "the mangaka shouldn't have brought in the sister". Not because I'm not all that into big-breasted women (depends on how big and what kind of overall figure she has). But just looking at that pettanko girl, you don't need someone else in the mix. That's like watching a porn with 3 women in it. Who needs that. Just shoot 3 scenes with one girl each, you cheap bastards! ;)

Dream Shark
Dream Shark

NIce share, I wish that have a continuation of this! XD