Chuu-Ni Erotica [English], by Minazuki Tsuyuha

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments
In my country, any boy/girl playing the hikkikomori chunibyo would have gotten enough kicks in the ass to be fucking HAPPY to return to society

A girl becomes a shut-in living in her own illusionary world, in which she’s a gothic lolita queen, until her beloved male childhood friend brings her back to the lands of normality.
That, above, would be the “safe for work” summary.

For the actual summary, you may freely insert terms such as “lewd expression on her face”, “penis”, “good doggystyle sex despite the censorship”, and the like ;)

It was pleasant, and a bit funny, I had a good time reading it ^^ Thanks a lot to LustyLady00 and BlackRussian, from The Lusty Lady Project ! :)

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While I’m at it, I wonder, this hikkikomori and chunibyo phenomenom, would I be right in assuming this is a strictly Japanese thing ?
This always makes me angry, even if I can sympathize or try to understand (understanding is not agreeing, but it’s an important step to build relations).
I can tell you, in my country, a boy or girl playing the shut-in lost in his delusional world would get a condensed life’s worth of asskicking, until the moment returning to reality and society would appear life a wonderful choice ¬_¬

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Red Vodka and I were just about to start working on this. :<


@Oliver, hikkikomori and chunibyo are japanese terms meant specifically for this type of phenomenon, although I don't think they're unique to Japan, they may just be more recognized in their culture. I didn't have chunibyo I middle school but I know in elementary school I was really interested in trying to discover anything magic or supernatural related (before the harsh world of reality finally put me in my place heh).
As for hikkimori's, In Japan it's considered very shameful to tell other people about your family's problems so they don't try to get help for their kids if they are hikkimori's. I'm sure there are plenty of those in the west but they probably fall into the "loser still living in his mother's basement" category and don't get one of their own.