Aural Ecstasy #11

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By HurpDurp on 19 comments

Yo~! Hurp here. There are only 4 audios this time again. BUT THIS TIME THERE’S A VALID REASON!!!

I FINALLY listened to that Bunny Girl thing. Took 3 whole hours, which was spread out over the course of three different days.

Couple of other things:

The file names on ALL of these were way too fucking long, you’re likely going to have to rename ALL of them to be able to extract any of them. Not my fault, blame everyone else who complained about the file names being too small in the first place.

All of my files on Filezy are gone. Apparently they were hacked a week ago and the guy deleted everything. I’ll fix the links eventually, unless you guys disliked this host in which case I’ll drop it entirely. Let me know, kthx~

There’s some other random shit at the bottom of this post that may or may not be important.

If your request isn’t on here and I responded to your post, I didn’t have enough time to listen to, review and upload it. All of the remaining request I have are long as fuck audios (up to 3 bloody hours!), so they tend to suck away all of my time (and cum – I can’t really do it multiple times… It starts to hurt…). Maybe next time… If I didn’t respond to your post OR add your request to the list of requests in the second comment on this page, then I never saw your request (or I forgot about it, that’s happened too) and you should probably re-request it :V


Also, these HAVE Japanese text in the file names. If you’re having trouble playing the files or seeing the text, I recommend switching your computer’s locale to Japanese and/or install the East Asian Language Pack. This is different for every operating system, so you’ll have to Google for directions on how to do this yourself. Also, 7zip can’t display Japanese characters sometimes, so I recommend you install Winrar. 7zip may corrupt the ZIP itself, so you might have to redownload the whole thing again if this still happens after you do the two suggestions.

I hear people use them as background music when reading to h-manga, if you’re having trouble visualizing what is happening in the scenario you could try using it for that. Personally, I listen to the recordings blindfolded and try to imagine the things happening in the recording are happening to me. Sometimes I actually do feel like something is touching me (and it’s not me, because I listen to these with my hands away from my penis unless I’m specifically told to be touching myself).

Also, some of these might be a wee bit loud. So watch out if you’re in an area where you don’t want other people hearing what you’re doing to. Never listen to the hypnosis recordings while driving or doing anything other than masturbating. You could pass out or something.

Note: Even if you don’t like something, you should still download it. I plan on eventually purchasing files myself, so all the money I make from downloads will go towards future purchases! And Click the images too! Despite how redundant it is, Imagetwist is a site that pays really well and currently the only one that still pays out to sites that still accept American traffic. Besides, you may actually like it and not even realize it! That’s totally happened to me multiple times already. This is also why I’m recording all of the audios I don’t have that you guys are requesting too. I may get it later in the future at some point when someone randomly shares it on the Internet, or I may just buy it myself if it seems really relevant to my interests (which MOST are).

Oh, and whenever possible please DON’T download using Depositfiles. I realize most of you download from there, and I appreciate the fact that you may have gotten a Gold account either from Oliver or myself, but downloading from there isn’t helping me fund my future purchases at all because Depositfiles stopped affiliating with Americans (which is what I am, if you couldn’t tell from my writing). Because of this, I’ve moved Depositfiles to “Mirror #4”. If you want to not help me share the care, you can download using the Depositfiles link on “Mirror #4”. The main download link is now And I’d prefer you use that.

Also, I occasionally mention having a “hands-free orgasm”. That means I had an orgasm without touching myself. Keep in mind an orgasm and an ejaculation are TWO completely different things. You can have an orgasm and not ejaculate, you can have an ejaculation and not have an orgasm, you could have both or even neither! The orgasm is the part that makes it feel really good, the ejaculation is the sperm that comes out. I highly recommend attempting it, they feel simply amazing. Usually I just have to stroke like two times to have a massive ejaculation if I have a hands-free orgasm.

If you have any problems extracting things, just rename the files to something like “1”. Due to some requests by people, I was forced to include better names on the file names which causes some of the folders to be too long to extract… I’m sorry, but I gave in to the peer pressure of 2 people :(

And without further ado… (I’m probably gonna remove this stuff soon.)

Ai’s Radio Masturbation Course, by 300y’s
(CV: Rei Tsukimiya)

Requested by Nianchu.

This is a masturbation instruction audio that apparently is supposed to be happening over the air waves of a radio station (Is that a real thing in Japan? I honestly wouldn’t be surprised :V), however it is far too short for me to bother actually jerking off with. So I decided not to.

There really isn’t much I can say about this. :X The voice is nice, I guess? (I mean, even though I wasn’t masturbating I still got an erection from it, so maybe it would have actually worked if I was jerking off :V) But that should be obvious since I shared something recorded by her that I really enjoyed before anyway. There’s a countdown for when you’re supposed to ejaculate, so if you’re into those then there you go.

It also comes with the script :V

Download the Free Hentai Audio in a Zip file
(8 MB, 13 minutes and 3 seconds, Japanese)

Or you can also use the Alternative :
Zip Mirror #1 – or – Zip Mirror #2 – or – Zip Mirror #3 – or – Zip Mirror #4 – or – Zip Mirror #5

Bunny Trap -Endurance of Oral Cumshots-, by hell dorado
(Shota) (CVs: Moe Itou and Megumu Morino)

Requested by heroLuka.

Long ass review incoming… I mean, it IS 3 and a half hours….

So for whatever reason I didn’t like the first two recordings, I dunno. Because of that I ended up waiting several months before continuing onto the 3rd. (When I originally listened to those, I didn’t even have an erection after them.) Oh boy, did I make a grave mistake.

First recording was an introduction of sorts, so I don’t need to talk about that, do I? Next one started as a titty fuck but at some point she sticks your carrot in her bunny hole (geddit? Cuz she’s a bunny girl!) and you making a carrot cream pie. Puns are gay.

….And so that leaves us with 3 onward, which is where I stated backed up. (Maybe I should’ve listened to the first two again now that I understand things a tad more. Meh…) I’m not sure what’s happening at the beginning of recording 3, I *think* you’re jerking yourself off to cum on her tits but I dunno as there were no sound effects. (If I’m understanding the CG image, you’re watching her masturbate and masturbate to her masturbating. But maybe I’m wrong…) Next you start fucking, and oh boy was it hot. Almost came myself. AND SOMEHOW IT STILL WASN’T EVEN OVER! Next she starts talking about onaholes (which was ridiculously hot too), then she starts jerking you off with one and acts like you’re fucking her at the same time! Then she sucks the cum out of it :3 I’m amazed I didn’t cum after all that.

And now for four. First a blowjob scene (hot), then a titty fuck (that didn’t work for me because for some reason the titty fuck had no sound effects :() and then (I think? Either way it’s hot) she jerks you off with her panties. Somehow she cums at the end of this. Also, I’m pretty sure she said “momma” a few times. (Some sort of incest-play, maybe?).

In five, she starts off by saying “hello” to your penis. After which, she kisses and licks it all over and that’s basically it. Next she starts licking your balls. Then at some point, you start hearing voices in your head kind of like that Succubus hell dorado recording. The recording wasn’t that arousing for me, but then all of a sudden some sort of metal bar fell and it sounded like you started raping her face. It was super arousing after that and I almost ejaculated at the end, I actually had to STOP myself from cumming. (Also, she called you “papa” at the end for some reason. Maybe she’s knocked up. :V)

6 confused me. Why? That girl from her head came back and seems to be crying and yelling at you, while the other is fucking you. I’m not sure what the one who’s crying and yelling at you is doing that for (perhaps you’re being NTR’d from her? :3), but they both seem to be in number 7 (which is a 3 minute non-ero scene). Also, there’s a LOT of talking between (and during) the acts, as such I didn’t find this one all that great. Anyway… Seems Bunny-san forgot the sponge to use in the onsen (because apparently they have those in casinos), so she uses her body to clean you. Specifically her mouth and breasts center around your private parts. Then you use YOUR mouth to clean HER private parts! Finally your penis is used to clean the inside of her vagina three times (only two show your soap being pumped out of the nozzle).

In 8, you get a blow job, paizuri (WHICH HAS SOUND EFFECTS THIS TIME, FUCK YEAR) and fuck the bunny girl. This all seems to happen next to the new girl while she’s asleep, because at the end she wakes up and you start raping her (which continues into the next recording). Before that though, holy shit, I swear to God I felt things happening to my penis while listening to this. I’m seriously aghast by the fact that I didn’t ejaculate everywhere.

However, I didn’t have such luck with the last recording. The rape scenario died almost immediately after you stuck it in and broke her hymen (she started yelling “daisuke!”), but I didn’t start getting an erection until it was almost over. I would’ve probably came from the double blow job at the end, but you don’t actually get to hear the whole thing. :(

All in all, I’d still recommend it.

Has versions with or without sound effects, and one without “reverberations” (that’s those weird sounds in the bath scene); as well as the script, CG (BECAUSE IT’S SHOT, NOT LOLI WAAAAH!!!) AND a HTML version of the script that combines the script and CGs! Because of all of that, the file size is HUGE. And you asshats can only blame yourselves. Have fun downloading it, not my problem anymore.

Download the Free Hentai Audio in a Zip file
(718 MB, All: 3 hours, 34 minutes and 8 seconds, Japanese)

Or you can also use the Alternative :
Zip Mirror #1 – or – Zip Mirror #2 – or – Zip Mirror #3 – or – Zip Mirror #4 – or – Zip Mirror #5

[Comfort] Akaname-chan’s Blissful Service! [Monster Girl Hypnosis], by pure voice
(Loli, Hypnosis) (CV: Masiro Satou)

Requested by HenAi.

So here’s something completely different, even for a hypnosis session. You smell because you haven’t taken a bath in three weeks. And so this cute rori monster girl cleans your body with her tongue. Then she decides to clean INSIDE your body by stick her tongue down your throat, all while rubbing those same parts on the outside! Waah! After a while she gets to the most stinkiest part, your dick. With all your damn smegma. Then she makes you BEG for it. (She tells you what to say, and you’re supposed to say it OUT LOUD www). I’m pretty sure you don’t cum now, and there’s good reason. Because next you get to stick it in her vagina! And cum inside her! I totally did~ :3

The hypnosis induction and the body licking were really relaxing, by the way. If you drop off the one with a 4 in the file name, you could theoretically use this as a non-h session. If you’d like a non-h relaxing audio, however, I suggest this. Simply wonderful.

Download the Free Hentai Audio in a Zip file
(56 MB, 1 hour, 6 minutes and 7 seconds, Japanese)

Or you can also use the Alternative :
Zip Mirror #1 – or – Zip Mirror #2 – or – Zip Mirror #3 – or – Zip Mirror #4 – or – Zip Mirror #5

Tender Touch of a Raven Haired Innocent Girl at the Blindfold Brothel, by monsterbox
(CV: Yuu Shimotsuki)

Requested by Ruri.

Apparently Yuu is now a prostitute. (>implying she wasn’t in the first place) You’re paying to use her room 3 different times (two of which are back to back it seems). The first time, you get to jerk yourself off while she watches for a bit, but eventually she gets bored watching and wants to do it for you until you cum on her pussy. Yeah, I dunno lol. In the second recording, you get a paizuri blowjob and cum in her mouth. Evidently one load isn’t enough, because you extend the session and get a paizuri/BJ all over again.

The first recording was surprisingly ineffective on me. My guess is it’s because of the lack of sound effects, I couldn’t get off at all. :( I barely had an erection. Also, her mic kept making static-ish sounds or something. In retrospect, you’re supposed to be jerking yourself off for the first half which I didn’t do, so…

Second one, however, despite not having sound effects for her tits bobbing up and down, her vacuum blowjob was still there which was rather hot. So I did end up enjoying the last two recordings, however I didn’t cum (ALMOST did. Came really, really close). She barely talks in either of these, so if you’re into the ones with little to no speech, then this is for you.

Comes with the script and the below CG without any text or black bars on them.

Download the Free Hentai Audio in a Zip file
(50 MB, 1 hour, 3 minutes and 28 seconds, Japanese)

Or you can also use the Alternative :
Zip Mirror #1 – or – Zip Mirror #2 – or – Zip Mirror #3 – or – Zip Mirror #4 – or – Zip Mirror #5


kuuki = air
sugoi = amazing (usually used in reference to the size of your penis or cum load, but may also be used during intercourse to describe how it feels. But it’s also used in everyday speech, so…)
kikuza = anus / asshole
denbu / ketsu / oshiri = ass / butt
oshiri no wareme = ass crack
(x)no kou = back(side) (like ashi no kou = top of the foot, te no kou = outer side of the hand)
kintama / tamatama = balls / testicles
chichi / mune / oppai = boobs / breasts / chest / tits
ryou = both (hands)
iki wo su / suikomu / sutte = breathe in
haite / iki wo haku / iki wo hakidasu / itte = breathe out
kuritori = clit / clitoris
(o)chinchin / chinko / chin(m)po = cock / dick / penis / etc
ishki shuuchu = concentrate (on)
nakada / nakadashi = creampie / cumming inside / internal ejaculation
osujiru / sei / seieki / seishi / sa(a)men / zaamen = cum / ejaculate / semen / sperm (you get the fucking picture)
dashi / iku / shasei = cumming / ejaculating
akagai / akai uma / asoko / (o)manko = cunt / pussy / vagina
oishii = delicious / tasty
chinkasu = dick cheese / smegma
aka = dirt / filth
denki massaaji / shindouko / shindoushi / baibureetaa = electric massager / vibrator
shokudou = esophagus / gullet
kimochi ii = feels good
unchi = feces / poop / shit / scat
ashikoki / darashinai / mijime / kimoi = footjob
dandan = gradually
omoi / omoku = heavy (as in “your hands are getting heavy”)
atsui / atsuku = hot (as in “your body is getting hot”)
karada no uchigawa = inside of the body (Note: Naka also means “inside”)
shiko shiko / onani = jerk(jack)ing off / masturbation / wanking
chu / kisu / kuchidzuke / seppun = kiss
hidari = left (hand)
shiyou = let’s do
nameru / name = lick
kuchibiru = lips
paizuri = mammary intercourse / titty-fucking
motto = more
kuchi = mouth
nuide = naked / nude / undress
chikubi = nipples
ao-kan = outdoor fucking
te no hira = palm of the hand
nuite = pull out
migi = right (hand)
chikara o nuite = relax your body / release the strength
nioi = smell
kusai = stinking
nobasu = stretch
suru = to do
ukabiagaru = to rise
shizumu / shizunde = to sink
shita = tongue
hou = towards (as in “kata kara hiji no hou e” – “from the shoulder towards the elbow”)
nurunuru = wet

If anyone knows of any more I should add, do tell.

You can find some more here.

Let me know if any of the downloads are broken. Sometimes the upload fails and I can’t tell without downloading it and checking, which is a bit difficult to do when you don’t have a premium account for each site you use.

And don’t forget to read the first and second comments!!!

Apparently I might be losing Internet, Cable, electricity in general, water, gas, food and those necessities of life to, well, not die in the next month or so. If I randomly stop posting stuff, that’s why. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Also, HenAi has forced me to start learning Japanese. As of today, I am done with hiragana. Wish me luck in my endeavor~ (Especially if I has no Internets. Wut do?)

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10 years ago

Another one I highly recommend, if you like Hell Dorado’s work, is Spire of the Ethereal Nymphs which features over 7 hours of audio.

And they are all about succubi (everyone’s favourite!)

Work page:

Oliver AKA The Admin
10 years ago works fine, though O_o

Does that mean that intensedebate refuses to work on cellphones ?

10 years ago

>If for some reason IntenseDebate doesn't load (like, for example, javascript is disabled or you're using a cell phone) NO ONE will see any comments anymore :<

On a regular computer (with scripting enabled) it works fine, except the RSS feed I follow doesn't actually update anymore.

10 years ago

Please pick the product you want, I have way too many files to just know what each is ( 400+ GB )

Then reply to this post in some way or another with your product number (or you can link it), when I see the post I’ll respond letting you know whether or not I have it.

For all audios, check here:
For all hypnosis audios, check here:
For all incest audios, check here:
For all rape audios, check here: (Note: These are mostly files where the woman rapes the guy, not the other way around. Ones where you rape a girl will be labeled as JUST “陵辱”.)
For all audios that have blowjobs (but not necessarily ONLY blowjobs), check here:
For all non-erotic audios, check here:

“全年齢” means “all ages” and “18禁” means “adults only”.

If you want to look up files by a specific seiyuu, I recommend you go to her website and look for your files there. Lots of DLsite pages do not have the seiyuu’s name written in the descriptions and the English DLSite romanizes it wrong sometimes (example: “Phan Masaki” would be romanized as “Phan Seiki”.)

Note the above links lead to the Japanese DLSite. The English DLSite may have some files NOT listened on those (believe or it not, stuff that’s removed from the Jap site is sometimes forgotten and never removed from the Eng site). Here are all of the same links on the English site:

For all audios, check here:
For all hypnosis audios, check here:
For all incest audios, check here:
For all rape audios, check here: (Note: These are mostly files where the woman rapes the guy, not the other way around. Ones where you rape a girl will be labeled as JUST “rape”.)
For all audios that have blowjobs (but not necessarily ONLY blowjobs), check here:
For all non-erotic audios, check here:
If you like whispers, your best bet is checking out this link (but it’s most definitely NOT all of them):

The English site might have some files the Japanese site doesn’t, but the Japanese site still has A LOT more the English site does not have.

BTW, if you use Google translate and it turns a word to “pie(s)”, it means “creampie(s)”. I’m not entirely sure why Google can’t translate that word correctly, I’ve honestly fixed it every time I’ve seen it. I would’ve assumed they’d get the hint by now. (Also, “rori”/”ロリ” is “loli”.)

If you find something you like, try changing the URL from RJ to RE and pressing enter. It might have an English version of the description (which is usually not as long or as informative, but it’s still probably better than a shitty Google translation).

For example, if you like = /product_id/RJ099154.html, you can change RJ099154 to RE099154 and be redirected to = /product_id/RE099154.html.

Just post the link as a reply here (add a space between “=” and “/”, or it’ll become a smiley) and if I have it (or am able to get it), I’ll let you know and upload it as soon as I can listen to and review it!

Please try not to request 2 hour long recordings unless you REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want them. They make listening to multiple things in a single night kind of impossible. If you do request them, try not requesting anything else that week kthx.

Also, keep in mind I will be listening to these and reviewing them. I’ll be looking at the files that interest more earlier than ones that don’t interest me. For example, a request for a file by Phan Masaki would get precedence over a request about eating feces (actually, Phan Masaki has a precedent over everything :3). I have a hypnosis fetish, so hypnosis files will also always been listened to first over non-hypnosis files (I like using hypnosis files to get me relaxed and then revved up – if you get my drift :3 – for regular audio files anyway). If you want any further explanations on my fetishes, don’t hesitate to ask, but you should still pick stuff you’re into. I may not realize it’s something I like until after I’ve listened to the file itself! I’ve found so many things I never thought would be good until I listened to them for you guys the past month! Also, I prefer files under 60 minutes in length. 30 minutes or less is the best because it allows me to listen to multiple recordings in a single “session”.

10 years ago
Reply to  HurpDurp

I'd like to request RE112415
(the one you suggested in this post as "non-h relaxing audio")

10 years ago
Reply to  Dom


10 years ago
Reply to  HurpDurp

Side note: I currently have 16 requests. I’m probably only going to be posting 4 a week, unless someone requests an audio that’s under 15 minutes in length.

And keep checking those links above. New audios come out literally EVERY day.

Also, check the request list frequently if you previously requested something. I actually keep a list of all of the audios people requested and when I go to listen to stuff I check and see if any of the numbers come up in an explorer search. I get new recordings almost every day.

Here are the requests I currently have so you don’t re-request them (also, make sure you search the page before requesting something, someone may already have requested it and I haven’t gotten around to editing this post yet. Just search the numbers, not the letters):

RJ044852 – Succubus Legends – Succubus Edition (Length: 01:57:04) Z
RJ048923 – Succubus Legends – Succubus bad end edition (Length: 01:33:07) Z
RJ057422 – Succubus Legends 2 – Inherited Gene (Length: 01:55:08)
RJ075371 – HypnoDevil~悪魔契約~(Length: 01:03:16) (Hypnosis) L
RJ083117 – Charmy Prisoners (Not sure what the order is for this one) (Length: 00:47:09?)
RJ086383 – Descendant of Kunoichi -Temptation of Creamy Pale Skin- (Length: 01:34:35) Z
RJ099272 – Mouth of the Maid 2 -Onesan Maid’s Sweet Sweet Fellatio- (Length: 00:53:33) L
RJ095520 – Avarice Mistress – I Was Utterly Seduced (Length: 02:25:16) Z
RJ098864 – Do-Ero Kiss GoGo Bitch! (Length: 01:43:44) Z
RJ106892 – Amachichi (Sweet Tits) (Length: 01:45:06?)
RJ107649 – Sundome!!!! -Tantric Binaural Hypnosis by a Hentai Onna- (Hypnosis) (Length: 00:21:18) L
RJ107823 – S専用オナニー用ボイスドラマ しゃぶり巫女 (Length: 01:49:24)
RJ111594 – Timeleaper Battle Maiden FANADOMINA (Length: 01:13:27) L
RJ112135 – Ama Ama x Onesan -3 Sisters Who Love Sex With Li’l Brother- (Length: 01:00:00) Z
RJ112415 – Soothe Sleep Shojo – Haruna (Length: 00:29:22) L
RJ112573 – My Cute But Completely Loose Otaku Imouto (Length: 01:27:28) L

L denotes a file I’ve already listened to.
Z denotes a file I’ve added to my Zune so I’ll be listening to it soon, most likely :3

If you don’t see your request here, please reply to this post and let me know!

And don’t forget, if you join THMMY’s IRC channel, you can help me decide which audio I’ll listen to!

10 years ago


10 years ago

Hey. Lucky I found this side =D!

Would like to request = /product_id/RE107649.html

It’s Phan Masaki




I would like it.

-Thanks a lot for all and

don’t die please

10 years ago
Reply to  Danton


I've got that.

10 years ago

I don't really have any suggestions, but if it's possible could we get some more nakadashi. thx

10 years ago
Reply to  Guy

Well, that's pretty much anything.

Eng DLsite:
Jap DLsite:

Both should only show audios with creampie scenes. Is there anything that interests you?

10 years ago

Oliver, I’m posting this tomorrow: = /product_id/RE112573.html

Is the girl in the image too loli? Need to know if I can include the CGs or not :X

It’s not listed as loli on DLSite.

Oliver AKA The Admin
10 years ago
Reply to  HurpDurp

Can't really tell. I imagine it's bearable.

Hurp, are you simply ignoring all the "please can you hopefully fix that redirection page" comment replies I'm sending you ?

I'll remind you that this is the one help I'm asking you.

I'm specifically replying to comments you made so that you get a notification and all :/

10 years ago

Nah, it’s just I’ve been really sick for like the past week :(

That and I’ve been trying to finish Urahara before Yqii :V

Also, I’ve been going through some IRL issue ATM. Least of all being the fact I might not even HAVE Internet in 2 weeks.

10 years ago

Aaaah should've found this waaay earlier. DX Anyway thanks, Hurp. I might also try that Bunny thing but… I hope I can download it well. X_X

10 years ago
Reply to  Ruri

Good luck~ :3

Also, you should hang out in the the new HentaiRules IRC now instead of THMMY's :3

10 years ago

Hi Hurp, thanks for your awesome audios!

Would you have this one? = /product_id/RE110716.html

Thanks in advance!

10 years ago
Reply to  XoXo

I've got that~ But why are you posting on such an old page?