Aural Ecstasy #12

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By HurpDurp on 21 comments

So, I would’ve actually have SIX this time, but I was so sick on Wednesday my penis wouldn’t get hard or ejaculate EVEN WHEN I WAS JERKING OFF. orz. Hopefully I feel better today ;~;

Welp, anyway, this time we’ve got 4 audios again. One’s a hypnofetish and another is a non-h relaxing audio. I really enjoyed that non-h one, it’s seriously relaxing.

She's got something in her front pocket for you, why don't you stick your hand in and see what it is?

In other news, Oliver started a HentaiRules IRC this week after much pestering from me and my merrily little band of faggohenchmenfriends. I suggest you check it out~ Other than doing what I do at THMMY there, I’ll be posting everything in the chat before it goes live here as soon as I finish making the post (which is at least 20 hours ahead of time)~ If you really like these audio posts, I implore you get your ass on there.

If your request isn’t on here and I responded to your post, I didn’t have enough time to listen to, review and upload it. All of the remaining request I have are long as fuck audios (up to 3 bloody hours!), so they tend to suck away all of my time (and cum – I can’t really do it multiple times… It starts to hurt…). Maybe next time… If I didn’t respond to your post OR add your request to the list of requests in the second comment on this page, then I never saw your request (or I forgot about it, that’s happened too) and you should probably re-request it :V


Also, these HAVE Japanese text in the file names. If you’re having trouble playing the files or seeing the text, I recommend switching your computer’s locale to Japanese and/or install the East Asian Language Pack. This is different for every operating system, so you’ll have to Google for directions on how to do this yourself. Also, 7zip can’t display Japanese characters sometimes, so I recommend you install Winrar. 7zip may corrupt the ZIP itself, so you might have to redownload the whole thing again if this still happens after you do the two suggestions.

I hear people use them as background music when reading to h-manga, if you’re having trouble visualizing what is happening in the scenario you could try using it for that. Personally, I listen to the recordings blindfolded and try to imagine the things happening in the recording are happening to me. Sometimes I actually do feel like something is touching me (and it’s not me, because I listen to these with my hands away from my penis unless I’m specifically told to be touching myself).

Also, some of these might be a wee bit loud. So watch out if you’re in an area where you don’t want other people hearing what you’re doing to. Never listen to the hypnosis recordings while driving or doing anything other than masturbating. You could pass out or something.

Note: Even if you don’t like something, you should still download it. I plan on eventually purchasing files myself, so all the money I make from downloads will go towards future purchases! And Click the images too! Despite how redundant it is, Imagetwist is a site that pays really well and currently the only one that still pays out to sites that still accept American traffic. Besides, you may actually like it and not even realize it! That’s totally happened to me multiple times already. This is also why I’m recording all of the audios I don’t have that you guys are requesting too. I may get it later in the future at some point when someone randomly shares it on the Internet, or I may just buy it myself if it seems really relevant to my interests (which MOST are).

Oh, and whenever possible please DON’T download using Depositfiles. I realize most of you download from there, and I appreciate the fact that you may have gotten a Gold account either from Oliver or myself, but downloading from there isn’t helping me fund my future purchases at all because Depositfiles stopped affiliating with Americans (which is what I am, if you couldn’t tell from my writing). Because of this, I’ve moved Depositfiles to “Mirror #4”. If you want to not help me share the care, you can download using the Depositfiles link on “Mirror #4”. The main download link is now And I’d prefer you use that.

Also, I occasionally mention having a “hands-free orgasm”. That means I had an orgasm without touching myself. Keep in mind an orgasm and an ejaculation are TWO completely different things. You can have an orgasm and not ejaculate, you can have an ejaculation and not have an orgasm, you could have both or even neither! The orgasm is the part that makes it feel really good, the ejaculation is the sperm that comes out. I highly recommend attempting it, they feel simply amazing. Usually I just have to stroke like two times to have a massive ejaculation if I have a hands-free orgasm.

If you have any problems extracting things, just rename the files to something like “1”. Due to some requests by people, I was forced to include better names on the file names which causes some of the folders to be too long to extract… I’m sorry, but I gave in to the peer pressure of 2 people :(

And without further ado… (I’m probably gonna remove this stuff soon.)

HypnoDevil ~Demon Contract~, by Marmot Strip
(Hypnosis, Futa) (CV: Hina Yudzuki)

Requested by HenAi.

First, let me say this: I had no idea what the hell is going on here. At all. Usually I have some vague idea, not this time. Didn’t understand jack. The Japanese used here is on a-whole-nother level. I would recommend only listening to this if you are really good with Japanese and/or just don’t give a fuck about what they say.

HenAi was gracious enough to translate the title and help me figure out the CV, so I took the plunge and listened to this for him. “Why plunge”, you ask?

Because you make a deal with a succubus who’s voice sounds a lot better than last time something she did was posted here. Little did you know that deal involved you getting hypnotized, sucking HER dick and then receiving an anal creampie. Yes, I just said that happens TO YOU, not FROM you. Bet I got everyone’s attention now, haven’t I?

Apparently this Futabus is unlike any other succubus in existence. She wants to cum in you, not the other way around despite her need for your cum so that she doesn’t die. Oh well, whatever. Anyway… It seems you’re supposed to ejaculate with her during the buttfucking scene, as she tells you to masturbate at some point, but I never heard the command to do so, and thus didn’t. Also, she apparently says “yubi” in reference to sticking your finger up your own asshole, but I missed that TOO. During the BJ scene, you’re apparently supposed to experience an orgasm with your mouth, because evidently your mouth is a vagina.

Also includes a no SFX version of the sex scenes and a bunch of images, these images may or may not show an animation of her getting an erection.

She's got something in her front pocket for you, why don't you stick your hand in and see what it is?

Download the Free Hentai Audio in a Zip file
(167 MB, Both About: 1 hour, 3 minutes and 16 seconds, Japanese)

Or you can also use the Alternative :
Zip Mirror #1 – or – Zip Mirror #2 – or – Zip Mirror #3 – or – Zip Mirror #4 – or – Zip Mirror #5

Timeleaper Battle Maiden FANADOMINA, by Neitifasu
(…Loli?) (CV: Yuka Maeno)

Requested by heroLuka.

DLSite was nice enough to translate the titles, so I knew what they were and what order they went in~ But they also listed this as “loli”. I don’t see it from the images, but as they aren’t pornographic I don’t need to remove them~

That’s a weird name? Huh? Apparently it’s about Facebook making a new social game where you own an android and instead of paying real money to buy electricity to recharge her, you stick your dick in her and squirt your jizz into her to replenish her energy levels. And/or make them go over nine thousand.

First up is when you meet. How unexpected. I’m not sure what’s happening, but about about 17 minutes of talk it sounds like she finally stars gobbling up your penis in her mouth. She stops and talks every so often… she really talks a lot in this whole thing. (At some point she even stops calling you “master” and starts calling you “brother/onii-chan”.) I’m not sure, but she was kinda acting like her tits were involved (a paizuri?), but she never said the word “paizuri” nor were there any sound effects whatsoever.

In the second recording, you waste real money buying her ice cream (why does a robot need food? Whatever…) while on a date or something at an amusement park. Somehow this ends up with you cumming inside her vagina, which again has no sound effects.

I didn’t like those two recording. They were both too short and the sex didn’t happen until a few minutes before the end of the recording. The script was also lacking, despite the large amount of text, as there was barely any dirty talk (at least that I could understand) other than “naka(dashi)”, “dashitte”, and “oppai (She never even said “iku”, “ochinchin” or “omanko”).

However, that all changed with recordings 3 and 4. Both had three ejaculations! Once in her mouth (and possibly tits), then two creampies. Four’s was a bit different, in that the second creampie was anally.  Actually, four was a complete turn around and simply amazing. Three had better sex scenes and length than the first two, sure, but the script was still bland. Four’s was not. Shit was amazing. So much dirty talk, I nearly came all over myself. I’d at least suggest listening to four, before passing this up :3 The only thing that could’ve possibly made this better would’ve been sound effects.

Comes with the script and images, non of which are pornographic and the same one you see below, just in a different size and without text.

Download the Free Hentai Audio in a Zip file
(70 MB, 1 hours, 13 minutes and 27 seconds, Japanese)

Or you can also use the Alternative :
Zip Mirror #1 – or – Zip Mirror #2 – or – Zip Mirror #3 – or – Zip Mirror #4 – or – Zip Mirror #5

Soothe Sleep Shojo – Haruna, by Eryps
(Non-erotic) (CV: Moe Itou)

Requested by Dom.

This was so calm and relaxing. When I listened to it, I almost feel asleep. If you’re having trouble sleeping, try listening to this in bed~

…Not much else I can say. It has mimikaki too, if you’re into that. And a version of that without the SFX for the mimkaki. Four also comes in left or right track versions, instead of both combined. Asl included is the image below… just a lot larger and without text.

Download the Free Hentai Audio in a Zip file
(114 MB, All About: 29 minutes and 22 seconds, Japanese)

Or you can also use the Alternative :
Zip Mirror #1 – or – Zip Mirror #2 – or – Zip Mirror #3 – or – Zip Mirror #4 – or – Zip Mirror #5

My Cute But Completely Loose Otaku Imouto, by MooNSHINeR
(Loli?) (CV: Biyori Koharu)

Requested by K-nine.

OH NO, YOU HAVE A YAOI LOVING HIKIKOMORI LITTLE SISTER! WHAT EVER WILL YOU DO?! Evidentally feed into her addiction buy giving her manga and cosplays so she touches your dick.

As you should’ve noticed from earlier, HenAi’s really into these things, so much so he was even willing to translate the description of the files on Japanese DLsite!

[07:56 PM] <HenAi> > 1: imouto lies down naked after bathing, you look at her
[07:56 PM] <HenAi> 2: You’ve bought her a new cosplay and have her change clothes before your eyes
[07:56 PM] <HenAi> 3: The BL-book reading Imouto, being very interested in male genitalia, approaches
[07:56 PM] <HenAi> 4: You look at each other’s genitals, and end up showing her your ejaculation, too
[07:56 PM] <HenAi> 5: You have your Imouto grab your dick and give you a handjob till you ejaculate
[07:56 PM] <HenAi> 6: She has you do cosplay, too, for a pseudo-BL situation, also a blowjob.
[07:57 PM] <HenAi> 7: In a pseudo BL situation, you try anal sex
[07:57 PM] <HenAi> 8: Your Imouto gives you a blowjob while playing with your ass with her fingers
[07:57 PM] <HenAi> 9: You’re doing with your Imouto’s ass whatever you please while she’s reading a BL book
[07:57 PM] <HenAi> 10: After her ass isn’t enough for you anymore, you finally take your Imouto’s virginity.

Do I even need to do a review now? :V Okay, fine… Here, have a block of text:

So, in the first recording your sister just got out of the shower and is completely naked (presumably in your room). She then passes out and you start doing naughty things to her :3 Also, she’s not really asleep. She’s faking. You hear her thoughts. Next one you’re buying her some new cosplay outfits and she puts them on for you without leaving the room. Now in recording three your sister talks about her BL fetish and her interest in ochinchins. She basically begs to see it, even offering to wear cosplay and show her pussy. Because of that, you’re jerking off for your sister so she can see you cum in recording four (I think she’s also masturbating too, but not entirely sure). 5 is the same except different. Now she’s jerking you off herself (although, it doesn’t seem t happen until it’s almost over, I think you’re shikoshikoing at the beginning. Having said that, she makes you cum with her hand twice). Six: she’s jerking you off with her mouth. Also, she’s dressed up as a guy from her yaoi manga if I’m not mistaken. The blowjob was hot and she almost chokes to death on your cum. :3 Seven: you’re fucking her in the ass while she’s dressed up as a boy. This was also hot, she seriously was acting like she had something up her ass :V Also, she said “condom”. I’m pretty sure you aren’t wearing one because you’re fresh out. Eight: she’s sucking you and fingering your asshole.  (She’s really into male penetration, huh?) Apparently you bought those condoms now because she’s using one on her fingers while she’s fucking your ass. Nine: you’re fucking her in the ass while she tries to read shitty yaoi manga. However, your penis is too much and she ends up being unable to focus. At some point you pull out and take off your condom, but you never actually hear an ejaculation. And finally you get to stick it in her pussy. As per usual, condom only final destination. After professing your love for each other and cumming inside her with the condom on, she let’s you do it all over again however this time without a condom. And you DO get to hear it this time huhuhuh :3

This comes with a sound effect version and no sound effect version, as well as the script and a bunch of different wall paper images. (Which, for whatever reason, MoonSHINeR decided to change from BMP to JPG. Not that I’m complaining! Saved me 300MB :V)

Download the Free Hentai Audio in a Zip file
(269 MB, All about: 1 hour, 27 minutes and 28 seconds, Japanese)

Or you can also use the Alternative :
Zip Mirror #1 – or – Zip Mirror #2 – or – Zip Mirror #3 – or – Zip Mirror #4 – or – Zip Mirror #5


kuuki = air
sugoi = amazing (usually used in reference to the size of your penis or cum load, but may also be used during intercourse to describe how it feels. But it’s also used in everyday speech, so…)
kikuza = anus / asshole
denbu / ketsu / oshiri = ass / butt
oshiri no wareme = ass crack
(x)no kou = back(side) (like ashi no kou = top of the foot, te no kou = outer side of the hand)
kintama / tamatama = balls / testicles
chichi / mune / oppai = boobs / breasts / chest / tits
ryou = both (hands)
iki wo su / suikomu / sutte = breathe in
haite / iki wo haku / iki wo hakidasu / itte = breathe out
kuritori = clit / clitoris
(o)chinchin / chinko / chin(m)po = cock / dick / penis / etc
ishki shuuchu = concentrate (on)
nakada / nakadashi = creampie / cumming inside / internal ejaculation
osujiru / sei / seieki / seishi / sa(a)men / zaamen = cum / ejaculate / semen / sperm (you get the fucking picture)
dashi / iku / shasei = cumming / ejaculating
akagai / akai uma / asoko / (o)manko = cunt / pussy / vagina
oishii = delicious / tasty
chinkasu = dick cheese / smegma
aka = dirt / filth
denki massaaji / shindouko / shindoushi / baibureetaa = electric massager / vibrator
shokudou = esophagus / gullet
kimochi ii = feels good
unchi = feces / poop / shit / scat
ashikoki / darashinai / mijime / kimoi = footjob
dandan = gradually
omoi / omoku = heavy (as in “your hands are getting heavy”)
atsui / atsuku = hot (as in “your body is getting hot”)
karada no uchigawa = inside of the body (Note: Naka also means “inside”)
shiko shiko / onani = jerk(jack)ing off / masturbation / wanking
chu / kisu / kuchidzuke / seppun = kiss
hidari = left (hand)
shiyou = let’s do
nameru / name = lick
kuchibiru = lips
paizuri = mammary intercourse / titty-fucking
motto = more
kuchi = mouth
nuide = naked / nude / undress
chikubi = nipples
ao-kan = outdoor fucking
te no hira = palm of the hand
nuite = pull out
migi = right (hand)
chikara o nuite = relax your body / release the strength
nioi = smell
kusai = stinking
nobasu = stretch
suru = to do
ukabiagaru = to rise
shizumu / shizunde = to sink
shita = tongue
hou = towards (as in “kata kara hiji no hou e” – “from the shoulder towards the elbow”)
nurunuru = wet

If anyone knows of any more I should add, do tell.

You can find some more here.

Let me know if any of the downloads are broken. Sometimes the upload fails and I can’t tell without downloading it and checking, which is a bit difficult to do when you don’t have a premium account for each site you use.

And don’t forget to read the first and second comments!!!

Repost: I might be losing Internet, Cable, electricity in general, water, gas, food and those necessities of life to, well, not die in the next month or so. If I randomly stop posting stuff, that’s why. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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10 years ago

Please pick the product you want, I have way too many files to just know what each is ( 400+ GB )

Then reply to this post in some way or another with your product number (or you can link it), when I see the post I’ll respond letting you know whether or not I have it.

For all audios, check here:
For all hypnosis audios, check here:
For all incest audios, check here:
For all rape audios, check here: (Note: These are mostly files where the woman rapes the guy, not the other way around. Ones where you rape a girl will be labeled as JUST “陵辱”.)
For all audios that have blowjobs (but not necessarily ONLY blowjobs), check here:
For all non-erotic audios, check here:

“全年齢” means “all ages” and “18禁” means “adults only”.

If you want to look up files by a specific seiyuu, I recommend you go to her website and look for your files there. Lots of DLsite pages do not have the seiyuu’s name written in the descriptions and the English DLSite romanizes it wrong sometimes (example: “Phan Masaki” would be romanized as “Phan Seiki”.)

Note the above links lead to the Japanese DLSite. The English DLSite may have some files NOT listened on those (believe or it not, stuff that’s removed from the Jap site is sometimes forgotten and never removed from the Eng site). Here are all of the same links on the English site:

For all audios, check here:
For all hypnosis audios, check here:
For all incest audios, check here:
For all rape audios, check here: (Note: These are mostly files where the woman rapes the guy, not the other way around. Ones where you rape a girl will be labeled as JUST “rape”.)
For all audios that have blowjobs (but not necessarily ONLY blowjobs), check here:
For all non-erotic audios, check here:
If you like whispers, your best bet is checking out this link (but it’s most definitely NOT all of them):

The English site might have some files the Japanese site doesn’t, but the Japanese site still has A LOT more the English site does not have.

BTW, if you use Google translate and it turns a word to “pie(s)”, it means “creampie(s)”. I’m not entirely sure why Google can’t translate that word correctly, I’ve honestly fixed it every time I’ve seen it. I would’ve assumed they’d get the hint by now. (Also, “rori”/”ロリ” is “loli”.)

If you find something you like, try changing the URL from RJ to RE and pressing enter. It might have an English version of the description (which is usually not as long or as informative, but it’s still probably better than a shitty Google translation).

For example, if you like = /product_id/RJ099154.html, you can change RJ099154 to RE099154 and be redirected to = /product_id/RE099154.html.

Just post the link as a reply here (add a space between “=” and “/”, or it’ll become a smiley) and if I have it (or am able to get it), I’ll let you know and upload it as soon as I can listen to and review it!

Please try not to request 2 hour long recordings unless you REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want them. They make listening to multiple things in a single night kind of impossible. If you do request them, try not requesting anything else that week kthx.

Also, keep in mind I will be listening to these and reviewing them. I’ll be looking at the files that interest more earlier than ones that don’t interest me. For example, a request for a file by Phan Masaki would get precedence over a request about eating feces (actually, Phan Masaki has a precedent over everything :3). I have a hypnosis fetish, so hypnosis files will also always been listened to first over non-hypnosis files (I like using hypnosis files to get me relaxed and then revved up – if you get my drift :3 – for regular audio files anyway). If you want any further explanations on my fetishes, don’t hesitate to ask, but you should still pick stuff you’re into. I may not realize it’s something I like until after I’ve listened to the file itself! I’ve found so many things I never thought would be good until I listened to them for you guys the past month! Also, I prefer files under 60 minutes in length. 30 minutes or less is the best because it allows me to listen to multiple recordings in a single “session”.

10 years ago
Reply to  HurpDurp

Side note: I currently have 17 requests. I’m probably only going to be posting 4 a week, unless someone requests an audio that’s under 15 minutes in length.

And keep checking those links above. New audios come out literally EVERY day.

Also, check the request list frequently if you previously requested something. I actually keep a list of all of the audios people requested and when I go to listen to stuff I check and see if any of the numbers come up in an explorer search. I get new recordings almost every day.

Here are the requests I currently have so you don’t re-request them (also, make sure you search the page before requesting something, someone may already have requested it and I haven’t gotten around to editing this post yet. Just search the numbers, not the letters):

RJ044852 – Succubus Legends – Succubus Edition (Length: 01:57:04) Z
RJ048923 – Succubus Legends – Succubus bad end edition (Length: 01:33:07) Z
RJ057422 – Succubus Legends 2 – Inherited Gene (Length: 01:55:08)
RJ076374 – Loved By A Crazy Emotional Girlfriend (Length: 00:46:15) L
RJ083117 – Charmy Prisoners (Not sure what the order is for this one) (Length: 00:47:09?)
RJ086383 – Descendant of Kunoichi -Temptation of Creamy Pale Skin- (Length: 01:34:35) Z
RJ099272 – Mouth of the Maid 2 -Onesan Maid’s Sweet Sweet Fellatio- (Length: 00:53:33) L
RJ095520 – Avarice Mistress – I Was Utterly Seduced (Length: 02:25:16) Z
RJ098864 – Do-Ero Kiss GoGo Bitch! (Length: 01:43:44) Z
RJ106892 – Amachichi (Sweet Tits) (Length: 01:45:06?)
RJ107649 – Sundome!!!! -Tantric Binaural Hypnosis by a Hentai Onna- (Hypnosis) (Length: 00:21:18) L
RJ107823 – S専用オナニー用ボイスドラマ しゃぶり巫女 (Length: 01:49:24) L
RJ109117 – Atrocious Netorase Plan: Bondage -> Neglect -> Gangbang Voice and CG Set (Length: 02:32:10)
RJ110716 – Ms. Yuri’s Chocolate TS Hypnosis (Hypnosis, Feminization) (Length: 00:56:41)
RJ111974 – Maid Service 02: Groomed Master and Young Virgin Maid (Length: 00:53:57) Z
RJ113561 – Just the Two of Us Hypnosis – Dry Training Edition (Length: 01:29:01) Z
RJ112135 – Ama Ama x Onesan -3 Sisters Who Love Sex With Li’l Brother- (Length: 01:00:00) L

L denotes a file I’ve already listened to.
Z denotes a file I’ve added to my Zune so I’ll be listening to it soon, most likely :3

If you don’t see your request here, please reply to this post and let me know!

And don’t forget, if you join HentaiRules’ IRC channel, you can help me decide which audio I’ll listen to!

10 years ago
Reply to  HurpDurp

Thanks a lot for procuring the HypnoDevil one. Yeah, the Japanese in that one was a bit more advanced than in the previous hypno audios I've gotten from you. Should still be able to make out what's going on more or less if you've studied it for some time, it's not old Japanese or anything. :V
Anyway, was really hot. =)

I'd like to request something rather different for next time – RJ076374. Let's see how you enjoy that one. :3

10 years ago
Reply to  HenAi


>Let's see how you enjoy that one.
Probably not much, actually. For whatever reason, I don't like the ones Phan Masaki wrote herself.

10 years ago
Reply to  HurpDurp

Hmm I see.
Well, if you'd rather pick something else for now, how about RJ106874? That one's pretty uh… different too, although in quite another way. :V

Tsuki Kanade
Tsuki Kanade
10 years ago

Perfect timing for a post.. I was having trouble sleeping and I saw that there's a relaxing one out of this batch. Thanks Hurp!

10 years ago

Awright! Thx a bunch Hurp!
hahah… So there was someone who translated the title of each recording? lol
Anyway this is sweet thx again :D

10 years ago
Reply to  K-nine

Yeah, someday I suspect we'll end up subbing one together :V

10 years ago
Reply to  HurpDurp

By the way i quite like the Soothe Sleep Shojo – Haruna one.
It's really soothing to hear it when going to sleep.
Do you have some more audios with the same type like that?

10 years ago
Reply to  K-nine

Try searching “mimikaki” on the NON-H site. There are relaxing type files with h content, but if you really want it to lull you to sleep get non-h or at least ones where you can remove the h (like that monster girl one I posted last time).

Limiting it to “healing” and “audio” may help to:

Jap Non-H:
Eng Non-H:
Jap H:
Eng H:

I know off that top of my head 300y’s, Kajihara eM, JON, pure voice, sirokumanoyome and VOICE LOVER have these types of files as I’ve listened to them before.

Also, that circle came out with a new one the other day (I sadly don’t have it yet, but REALLY want it :3) = /product_id/RJ115282.html

Unrelated, but: Lurk the IRC. I like having discussions with people about audios~ :3

10 years ago
Reply to  HurpDurp

I dont have any IRC… lol

10 years ago
Reply to  K-nine

It's web based (click here). But it's not that hard to install one…

10 years ago

Are there any english mhm i don´t know aural exctasy´s?
I listened to some of your japanese but couldn´t really enjoy it because
with just your most used words it´s hard and exhausting so are there any in english?

10 years ago
Reply to  Lorwyn

There're no english versions for these right now. And I'd rather listen to this in Japanese, not english, because of the seiyuus' sweet, intoxicating voices. (damn, I really love Koharu Biyori's voice)
Listening to this can somehow increase your japanese level (well I dont know in your case but in my case, it did)

10 years ago
Reply to  K-nine

Me too. I've definitely started recognizing words. At least 70% of those words on my list were me, 30% were other people (probably mostly HenAi) :X

10 years ago

Before you start downing it, pic by pic. Here is…

Ruri Ruri ~Futago no Jjou~

mangaka: Yui Toshiki
translated by: LustyLady00

contains: twins, stockings, lingerie, dp, bondage, bj, anal, NTR, nakadashi, cheating, group, incest, rape, schoolgirl

188.98mb zip

Here's my copy. Without the duplicate pic. And in original manga page sequencing.

10 years ago

BTW I'm gonna request this one… RJ114717
This looks good for sleeping.. lol

10 years ago
Reply to  K-nine

I don't have that one yet, sorry :(

anisette magica
anisette magica
10 years ago

Do you have RE113315 or RE106161 (warning they are male voiced)

or any audio with a male voice for females for that matter (you dont have to review them since well you might not like them =w=)

10 years ago

I don't have either, sorry. I can't tell you if I have any with male CVs, since I don't really know. I'd have to know the name of one and check and see if I have it downloaded. (I don't have ANYTHING AT ALL from either of those circles, though.) I *have* posted some files here that include versions for females (in addition to the one for males), if you wanna check my past uploads.

"Zero", the CV of the second one, has done a bunch of free ero dramas you can get online. I've seen "A, Kinoko" repost them on her blog for some reason.

anisette magica
anisette magica
10 years ago
Reply to  HurpDurp

hmm i see il just ask you when i find some good looking ones some other then~
oh well il go check it now, thanks for telling me~~

ooohhh okie il go check thanks~