Itadaki Seieki [English, 186 pictures] is now available in FULL QUALITY, not anymore in a small crappy fugly resized version ! :D

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments
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EYEGASM ! I JUST HAD AN EYEGASM ! (and no, I'm not shooting mah lazerz)

YAHAAAAAAA !! :twisted: :woot:

At last, I can rejoice and celebrate, Itadaki Seieki, by Doumou, is now available in full resolution, and not in a fugly 1200 pixels high version ! :D
The difference in quality, in reading pleasure, is TREMENDUOUS ! :shock:
Credits are once again due to Saha and Tehpwned1, thank you very much ^_^

Itadaki Seieki, now in full size, is available HERE, enjoy ! ^_^

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10 years ago

My laptop monitor is only 768px high (though also widescreen). A 1200px page means I only have to click Zoom Out a couple times to bring it down to a readable size (namely to look at the top half and bottom halves of the pages one at a time). All a bigger version means to me is that the download takes longer, and if anything more annoying to read, so I'll pass on this download and fully enjoy the smaller than "full" version. Bigger is not always better. Besides, this is manga; We're not working with photo-quality images here anyway. Black lines on a white page are black lines on a white page at almost any resolution.

Not to poo-poo on folks with really large, exceptional high-rez monitors… but I just want to remind you there's still TONES of people happily using smaller monitors these days, especially with the popularity of notebooks, laptops, iPads, etc…

10 years ago

Thanks for this wonderfull share to all those involved.

10 years ago

awesome stuff Oliver!