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Aural Ecstasy #13

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Hurp here, once again I only have four. But this time it’s not my fault! It’s actually HenAi’s! He said he’d do something for me with the 5th audio I had ready to share, BUT THREE WEEKS LATER AND HE NEVER FUCKING DID IT. Let’s all go yell at him in the IRC, where he’s a half-mod for some reason DESPITE HOW USELESS HE IS >:O

If you care, this post contains a yandere audio and a hypnosis audio. Both of which are performed by the same seiyuu, Phan Masaki :3

She's got something in her bento for you, why don't you eat it and see what it is~?


Also, these HAVE Japanese text in the file names. If you’re having trouble playing the files or seeing the text, I recommend switching your computer’s locale to Japanese and/or install the East Asian Language Pack. This is different for every operating system, so you’ll have to Google for directions on how to do this yourself. Also, 7zip can’t display Japanese characters sometimes, so I recommend you install Winrar. 7zip may corrupt the ZIP itself, so you might have to redownload the whole thing again if this still happens after you do the two suggestions.

Also, some of these might be a wee bit loud. So watch out if you’re in an area where you don’t want other people hearing what you’re doing to. Never listen to the hypnosis recordings while driving or doing anything other than masturbating. You could pass out or something.

If you have any problems extracting things, just rename the files to something like “1”. Due to some requests by people, I was forced to include better names on the file names which causes some of the folders to be too long to extract…

And without further ado…

Loved By A Crazy Emotional Girlfriend, by A water flea
(Yandere) (CV: Phan Masaki)

Requested by HenAi.

Dear God, Phan Masaki as a yandere? Not sure if want.

A single audio with a bunch of scenes all clustered fucked into a quarter of an hour. Those scenes include “makeout, kissing deep and dirty, ear nibbling, hot breaths of intimacy, hickey and biting, nipple lick, hand tease, footjob, clitoris and penile glans touching, double creampie (2 ejaculations inside vagina), etc.”. That’s DLSite’s description, and I couldn’t have said it better myself. Except for the fact that there is only one creampie, and you both have orgasms (obviously, yours is outside) during the “clitoris and penile glans touching” bit.

Now I bet you’re thinking: “Hurp, you didn’t say whether or not you liked it.” Yeah, well, I’m too busy cleaning my bed sheets from all the ejaculate this caused to think up of valid response to your question. Oh, wait. Seriously, though. This was mind blowing. And there isn’t even a blowjob scene at all! At the beginning, her voice is so relaxing I thought I was listening to hypnosis and pretty sure I even entered a trance-like state. Then, as per usual, Phan Masaki gives the best dirty talk ever. I almost came without touching myself, and probably would have if DLSite’s “double creampie” thing wasn’t wrong. The sex ends 7 minutes before the audio, so I stuck around waiting for the second internal pop-shot to show up to no avail. I was trolled out of my arousal, but still jerked for a bit afterwards and erupted everywhere. Seriously amazing, despite the fact I usually don’t like the ones Phan Masaki wrote herself. Too bad it had no sound effects tho… Definitely would’ve helped. Especially for the next bit I’m about to mention.

Also, that surprise plot twist ending (during those 7 minutes of talking after the creampie). Holy shit. If you can’t understand Japanese, ask HenAi for a description of it AFTER LISTENING TO IT FIRST in the HentaiRules IRC assuming you can actually get him to help you. If you can, I don’t wanna ruin the ending for you by writing it here as Oliver won’t install a damn spoiler box already.

Includes a bonus free talk audio from Phan Masaki, as well as the script and a few promotional images. The free talk apparently has spoilers, so if you can actually understand what she’s saying you might wanna NOT listen to it first :V

She's got something in her bento for you, why don't you eat it and see what it is~?

Download the Free Hentai Audio in a Zip file
(118 MB, 46 minutes and 15 seconds, Japanese)

Or you can also use the Alternative :
Zip Mirror #1 – or – Zip Mirror #2 – or – Zip Mirror #3 – or – Zip Mirror #4 – or – Zip Mirror #5

Mouth of the Maid 2 -Onesan Maid’s Sweet Sweet Fellatio-, by Shiraae Project
(CV: Moe Itou)

Requested by ttan32.

Note 1: The CV is NOT the same as last time. This is Moe Itou, not Phan Masaki. You may remember them BOTH from this.
Note 2: ENGLISH DLSITE IS WRONG. There are only TWO recordings, it said there were three. I am not missing anything, they just fucked up. The image below even says it has two.
Note 3: These were originally wavs, but I converted them to MP3s. You want oversized bloatware, then get on HentaiRule’s chat and ask me for them.

So this is basically the same thing as last time, except for three things: 1) Different seiyuu 2) Only two recordings instead of three 3) I didn’t like it.

I haven’t been feeling well so I’m not sure if that had an impact, but didn’t like this. Not enough dirty talk for me (I AM a Narratophile, after all), and the blowjob (for the most part) wasn’t strong enough. Up until the last 12 minutes (on recording one), I didn’t even have an erection. And that’s only because she started doing a vacuum blowjob. Had she not done that, I would not have been aroused at all. Recording two only had it for the last 3 minutes, so I never even got an erection AT ALL. You get to cum twice in recording one, but only once in the second. :< Also, she’s speaking baby talk to you in the second or something.

There’s already a third out, but I currently do not have it. I do know that Phan Masaki reprises her role from the first one, though.

Download the Free Hentai Audio in a Zip file
(96 MB, 53 minutes and 57 seconds, Japanese)

Or you can also use the Alternative :
Zip Mirror #1 – or – Zip Mirror #2 – or – Zip Mirror #3 – or – Zip Mirror #4 – or – Zip Mirror #5

Sundome!!!! -Tantric Binaural Hypnosis by a Hentai Onna-, by Kajihara eM
(Hypnosis) (CV: Phan Masaki)

Requested by Danton.

Phan Masaki masturbation instructions hypnosis session. Feels good man :3 …Not much else I can say. There IS a really, really, really, really long extended countdown. She quite literally says “one” (ichi) nine thousand times before finally saying “zero”. Oh, and she does THREE didn’t voices in this, so you got a whole smorgasbord of Phany in here. If you got a particular voice of hers you like, it’s most likely used in this.

Comes with the script so you can read along! Assuming you can actually read Japanese, of course :V

Download the Free Hentai Audio in a Zip file
(28 MB, All About: 21 minutes and 18 seconds, Japanese)

Or you can also use the Alternative :
Zip Mirror #1 – or – Zip Mirror #2 – or – Zip Mirror #3 – or – Zip Mirror #4 – or – Zip Mirror #5

Ama Ama x Onesan -3 Sisters Who Love Sex With Li’l Brother-, by JKworks
(CVs: Yuri Ayase, Ao Inukai and Natsuki Nogami)

Requested by Bex Fandingo.

Basically you have sex with your three sisters. The first 5 tracks are the “main story”, where you do ecchi things with each one individually. There are two bonus tracks at the end.

The first track is an intro, you can probably skip it if you want. Real fun starts in the next one with Ayano (your eldest sister), where she gives you a morning BJ, handjob and a creampie~ Next is Ayaka (second oldest), who does the BEST BJ in the whole audio and lets you have another creampie! While you’re porking her, the door bell rings :V Lastly you fuck and cum inside your youngest older sister, Aya. Pretty sure she gives you titty fuck before that (andshe whispers, if you use that version), but I might be wrong. Also, Aya has the best CV in this whole thing. Fucking amazing. This was also the best recording only involving a single girl.

What’s that? You wanna know why I said “single girl” last time? Well…

In recording six, both Aya and Ayano are doing you. Seems like a double bj, followed by Ayano somehow giving you a titty fuck you and Aya sucking you off until you cum down her throat. Unless Aya was giving you the titty fuck and Ayano was just watching the whole time, Idunnolol. They make out with each other in this. Twice. At the end Ayaka walks in and catches you, presumably leading into the next recording.

In seven, Ayaka is getting her revenge on Aya by finger banging and licking her vagina. Then Ayano walks in and joins the fun, but sadly the recording comes to an abrupt end at this point. Still, three sisters fucking each other? That’s fucking hot :3 Oh, and you aren’t in this at all.

I did like this, but all of the recordings were way too short. By the time each track finished, I was just starting to get aroused. It still recommend it though and would like to listen other audios these three CVs are in. Especially Natsuki Nogami (Aya’s), who you may or may not remember from this.

So this includes versions with sound effects, without sound effects and with/without stereo sound effects. I’m guess it means “surround sound” or someshit. One version also includes a whisper version. And bigger with/without text versions of the image below.

Download the Free Hentai Audio in a Zip file
(252 MB, All: 59 minutes and 2 seconds, Japanese)

Or you can also use the Alternative :
Zip Mirror #1 – or – Zip Mirror #2 – or – Zip Mirror #3 – or – Zip Mirror #4 – or – Zip Mirror #5


kuuki = air
sugoi = amazing (usually used in reference to the size of your penis or cum load, but may also be used during intercourse to describe how it feels. But it’s also used in everyday speech, so…)
kikuza = anus / asshole
denbu / ketsu / oshiri = ass / butt
oshiri no wareme = ass crack
(x)no kou = back(side) (like ashi no kou = top of the foot, te no kou = outer side of the hand)
kintama / tamatama = balls / testicles
chichi / mune / oppai = boobs / breasts / chest / tits
ryou = both (hands)
iki wo su / suikomu / sutte = breathe in
haite / iki wo haku / iki wo hakidasu / itte = breathe out
kuritori = clit / clitoris
(o)chinchin / chinko / chin(m)po / miku = cock / dick / meat / penis / etc
ishki shuuchu = concentrate (on)
nakada / nakadashi = creampie / cumming inside / internal ejaculation
osujiru / sei / seieki / seishi / sa(a)men / zaamen = cum / ejaculate / semen / sperm (you get the fucking picture)
dashi / iku / shasei = cumming / ejaculating
akagai / akai uma / asoko / (o)manko = cunt / pussy / vagina
oishii = delicious / tasty
chinkasu = dick cheese / smegma
aka = dirt / filth
mimi = ear
denki massaaji / shindouko / shindoushi / baibureetaa = electric massager / vibrator
shokudou = esophagus / gullet
me = eyes
kimochi ii = feels good
kanjiru = to feel (as in “are you feeling it”)
unchi = feces / poop / shit / scat
ashikoki / darashinai / mijime / kimoi = footjob
dandan = gradually
omoi / omoku = heavy (as in “your hands are getting heavy”)
atsui / atsuku = hot (as in “your body is getting hot”)
watashi(n0) – I / my
karada no uchigawa = inside of the body (Note: “Naka” also means “inside”)
shiko shiko / onani = jerk(jack)ing off / masturbation / wanking
chu / kisu / kuchidzuke / seppun = kiss
hidari = left (hand)
shiyou = let’s do
nameru / name = lick
daisuki / suki = like / love
kuchibiru = lips
paizuri = mammary intercourse / titty-fucking
watashinomono = mine (as in “you are all mine”)
motto = more
kuchi = mouth
nuide = naked / nude / undress
chikubi = nipples
ao-kan = outdoor fucking
te no hira = palm of the hand
nuite = pull out
migi = right (hand)
chikara o nuite = relax your body / release the strength
nioi = smell
egao = smile
kusai = stinking
nobasu = stretch
kusugutai = tickles
suru = to do
ukabiagaru = to rise
mieru = to see
shizumu / shizunde = to sink
shita = tongue
hou = towards (as in “kata kara hiji no hou e” – “from the shoulder towards the elbow”)
nurunuru = wet

If anyone knows of any more I should add, do tell.

You can find some more here.

Let me know if any of the downloads are broken. Sometimes the upload fails and I can’t tell without downloading it and checking, which is a bit difficult to do when you don’t have a premium account for each site you use.

And don’t forget to read the first and second comments!!!

Repost: I might be losing Internet, Cable, electricity in general, water, gas and other necessities of life to, well, not die in the next month or so. If I randomly stop posting stuff, that’s why. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

By the way, you should really, really, really, really stop by the IRC. It’s really beneficial to yourself. I get all these useless downloads on DF that just generate completely useless DF Gold keys for me, day after day after day after day after day after day…

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
Pick exclusively a precise file with a keyword search, or bulk leech like a madman, it's quick and easy :)

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Side note: I currently have 18 requests. I’m probably only going to be posting 4 a week, unless someone requests an audio that’s under 15 minutes in length.

And keep checking those links above. New audios come out literally EVERY day.

Also, check the request list frequently if you previously requested something. I actually keep a list of all of the audios people requested and when I go to listen to stuff I check and see if any of the numbers come up in an explorer search. I get new recordings almost every day.

Here are the requests I currently have so you don’t re-request them (also, make sure you search the page before requesting something, someone may already have requested it and I haven’t gotten around to editing this post yet. Just search the numbers, not the letters):

RJ044852 – Succubus Legends – Succubus Edition (Length: 01:57:04) Z
RJ048923 – Succubus Legends – Succubus bad end edition (Length: 01:33:07) Z
RJ057422 – Succubus Legends 2 – Inherited Gene (Length: 01:55:08)
RJ083117 – Charmy Prisoners (Not sure what the order is for this one) (Length: 00:47:09?)
RJ086383 – Descendant of Kunoichi -Temptation of Creamy Pale Skin- (Length: 01:34:35) Z
RJ087309 – Precocious Bitch Sadist Imouto’s Initiation -His First Time- (Length: 01:18:36) Z
RJ095520 – Avarice Mistress – I Was Utterly Seduced (Length: 02:25:16) Z
RJ098864 – Do-Ero Kiss GoGo Bitch! (Length: 01:43:44) Z
RJ106892 – Amachichi (Sweet Tits) (Length: 01:45:06?)
RJ107479 – Ear Cleaning Massage Shop – Yamato Nadesico – O Holy Night Xmas Sleep Special (Length: 01:00:55) L
RJ107823 – S専用オナニー用ボイスドラマ しゃぶり巫女 (Length: 01:49:24) L
RJ109117 – Atrocious Netorase Plan: Bondage -> Neglect -> Gangbang Voice and CG Set (Length: 02:32:10)
RJ109771 – My Girlfriend’s Such A Great Nurse You Can’t Blame Me For Catching A Cold! (Length: 00:27:38) L
RJ110716 – Ms. Yuri’s Chocolate TS Hypnosis (Hypnosis, Feminization) (Length: 00:56:41) L
RJ111974 – Maid Service 02: Groomed Master and Young Virgin Maid (Length: 00:53:57) L
RJ113387 – Let’s Get Maid-Laid By Pervy Twin Sisters (Length: 01:30:35) L
RJ113296 – A Sacrifice for Lamia -The Gentlest Voice of Melting- (Length: 00:35:46) L
RJ113561 – Just the Two of Us Hypnosis – Dry Training Edition (Length: 01:29:01) Z

L denotes a file I’ve already listened to.
Z denotes a file I’ve added to my Zune so I’ll be listening to it soon, most likely :3

If you don’t see your request here, please reply to this post and let me know!

And don’t forget, if you join HentaiRules’ IRC channel, you can help me decide which audio I’ll listen to!


Ending should've made him do both~


Well i didnt see any request post yet so ima just put this here = /product_id/RJ114194.html


Don't have it, sorry :<


Umm.. kinda curious with femdom sadist tsundere girl voice (maybe similiar to Seraphim from Kore wa Zombie desuka) O(≧∇≦)O

do you have something like that Hurp?

It'll be great if you can put it on the future posts… many thanks… o(= ^ω^ =)o


Eh, I've got a bunch of things, but that doesn't necessarily mean I know what I have.

Try this search for what I think is what you're looking for. If anything catches your eye from at least a month ago or more, ask me and I'll see if I have it. Try the sample first if it has one, though.

Jap DLsite:
Eng DLsite:


Wow…. so many tsun-tsun ecchi audio… ∑(O_O;)
I found a brand new world to explore… ∩(︶▽︶)∩

I couldn't find the similiar one, but maybe this series will be great…
RE087309 :

Hope you have that series… many thanks!! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°


So.. here's thing. I know for a fact I have that (and I'm pretty sure I listened to it), but I can't find it. I'll let you know if it turns up.


Ugh, that's kind of a sad news…. I really hope that you can find it… (╯︵╰,)


I did :V


That's GREAT!!! Can't wait to have it posted… ヽ(○´∀`)ノ♪

Thanks in advance… (ノ´д`)


Gonna request these, do you have 'em hurp?


I've got the first two :X You know all of those are not porn, right?

You ever gonna actually hop on the IRC? :<


I know they're not porn, lol

Er… the IRC… I dont really open it that much o_0
So I dont think I can hang out and talk there too much haha
I got my hands full on other things and I'm just too lazy to open it :|


But we can talk about audios with each other D:

Hentai Addict
Hentai Addict

I love Audio Erotica, and don't speak Japanese (yet). So these are great for language immersion, and I love the definitions, Thank you Hurp!

off-topic: Are you familiar with any English language Audio Erotica, hypno or not? I'm a fan of Isabella Valentine and Mona Blu, personally.

Hentai Addict
Hentai Addict

For Mona Blu, try 'hypnogasm'; everything else I've heard from her sounds like it was tailor made for one person (and I'm not that person, so it wasn't all that good for me).

For Isabelle Valentine, I just like the Jackpot series. Seems like everything else she does is gay, cock and shemale. Not for me. I love futanari, but for some reason shemale not so much. Probably because futanaris (almost) almost fuck females, while shemales bang guys.

Anyways, I'll check out Nikki Fatale and Mistress Carol. See if I like them (probably will).


Isabella is shit and so is Jackpot. Why she's got like 100 of them now is beyond me. Hell, her latest ones aren't even hypnosis. ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

I dunno if I've listened to Hypnogasm or not. I don't have one like that in my Mona Blu folder, so probably not.

Edit: I found it. Don't remember if I liked it or not. Probably didn't if I can't remember :V Any others you care to recommend?

Also, since you're apparently into hands-free orgasm files, I should probably mention both of those I suggested have several.

Hentai Addict
Hentai Addict

Truth is, I only just got into the hands-free orgasm. I picked the top rated ones, and pirated them. I haven't checked out Nikki or Carol yet, but I'll get around to it. I'm a professional procrastinator.

The Mona Blu: Hypnogasm took me by surprise… she guides you through different rooms, and tells you to visualize and overcome problems. Around the 4th door I was completely under, and I woke up feeling great (if a bit cum-covered). I listened to it wide awake and the orgasm is subtly brought up. Almost like an afterthought.

And as for Isabella, well, you're entitled to your opinion. I just really enjoyed Jackpot 1, 2, and 5.


The first Jackpot is so boring, it can't even get me aroused anymore. 5 was the last one that's actually hypnosis. :X


Cum too soon, at least it's a result, eh? Are Masturbation and Hypnotease Blowjob the 'jerk off while listening' types? Not a fan of those…

So I'm DLing the Because series, in case I need at, as well as a few that have the word Rapture in the title (piss poor organized torrent), and Strawberry Jam. No Orgasmic Escalator in this one, but I can look elsewhere. Slow 'net connection today, wtf.


Yeah, they are. But it's not like Ultimate Orgasm isn't either…