Gimme A Hug [English], by Aoki Kanji

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on No comments
Tags: Tsundere
The heroine was cute, with her strenghts and weaknesses laid bare like that... It was... touching ?

This is a cute story, about a strong and popular girl, healing her crushed pride in the arms of a boy who’s present at the right time and place.

This story could have turned very badly, but, no, it kept the best course there could be, tender, cute, oh SO liberating, a bit tsundere, maintaining a fragile balance allowing emotional recovery without hurting none of the “protagonists” (did I mention a good fuck, too, incidentally ? :lol:), and there’s a good ending, woot :)

May I make a confession ? That story reminded me a time in my life after which I felt like shit. In college years (I think I was 22), a female friend was in the slumps for similar reasons (she found her crush was an asshole), and she jumped in my arms, seeking comfort through sex. Years later, I still wonder if I shouldn’t have kindly, tenderly rejecter her, I felt like I abused her weakness at that time, feeling like an asshole myself :-/ Sometimes I ask myself again, and I think it was the right choice, or not… guess I’ll never know, there is no certain answer to that :/

Thanks a lot to Sling and Masamune for this release ! :)
By the same artist, I shared – gasp ! 6 years ago ! – Three People To Tango.

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