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Pack Of Two Works by Oohira Sunset [English] : Dizzying Relaxation + Incubus No Kusuri

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I liked the carefree atmosphere, I made several calculations to imagine if buying the oil would be worth it ^^

I gathered here two works by Oohira Sunset :
– Dizzying Relaxation
– Incubus No Kusuri

The theme of those two works is supernatural beings visiting tired humans needing sexual relief, and offering them that relief. They’re mostly in the mood for this, and that’s fortunate, since they’re not given much of a choice ^^
First, an essential oil goddess (would it be worth, paying around 20k US$ for the chance to be able to call her around a hundred times ? Tough calculation ^^), and second, a male incubus paying a visit to a girl with a flu, her flu will heal (guess who will take it, following the great rule of hentai flu ?) and she’ll have great sex.

There are large breasts, deep penetrations, and that’s that ! ^^ I hope the drawings may please you, and thanks, a lot!, to Desu, Flammz and Donkey_Kong :)

–Update: good news, this post is now obsolete. This is now part of Pururun-Pulling, an excellent 178 pages long tankoubon :)
You can get it HERE =)

For a lot more, don’t miss The list of Oohira Sunset’s works on Hentairules!

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