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Kitsune No Yomeiri (The Fox’s Wedding) [English, now UNCENSORED], by Maruwa Tarou

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«Doesn’t matter, had sex» ©®™

That one’s a sweet story, in which drama, sadness, and love, a heart-warming ending with an opening for a brighter future, manage to coexist :)

Graphically, this is kinda nice, almost zero dot zero censorship, good teen sex, it’s well above the average !
I hope you may enjoy this, me, I did ^^ Thanks a lot to Kalkin and Palaxius, from Life4Kaoru ! :)

UPDATE : and now, thanks to Palimpsest, it is uncensored ! ^_^

By the same artist, I also share Tofu Girl, Shoujo Nostalgica, My Wife Is An Idol, Deredere Girls Girl Natalia, and some stuff here and there.

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Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(17 MB, 21 pictures, English)

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it was a great share thx a lot.

i was worried for the sad part but the end is good :D


Cute, touchy and beautiful. Excellent post Oliver. Many thanx. I love happy twists.


very nice!


Oh good, it already has the "D'AAAWWW" tag.
My work was finished before I could start it.


Oliver, you need to check the Addresses/Gateway for the previews for this Manga, I keep getting 502 Bad gateway when I click on the preview pictures.


Uh… Oliver can't control when Imagetwist crashes >_>

Kurzwaltz Messer
Kurzwaltz Messer

I hope this much vanilla is enough to erase "Before Sunset' from our collective consciousness. :P

Also, I think I could be forgiven for mistaking her for Ganaha Hibiki (even if just for a few panels) since Maruwa Tarou is fond of making [email protected] doujins. :D


I finally just got around to reading this today from where I saved this when it was first posted. I should have read this as soon as I downloaded since it's just the type of stories I always love. Thanks Oliver and to Life4Kaoru for the translation for this masterpiece.