Sorako No Tabi volumes 2-3 [English], by Otaku Beam

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 4 comments

I really didn't see that coming, a catastrophist future forecast in a hentai manga O_o

With great thanks to my dear Elegant Succubus, with Kyuuri, and to Kusanyagi (thank you :) ), here comes great sex, feeling very good. With a really good-looking heroine, with a large forehead, large breasts, a cheerful smile, freckles, a soft sensitive body, loving sex, and also, incidentally, yeah, just saying, she’s an alien studying human reproductive system.
First with two boys (shota), then with a sort of “Man In Black” (I laughed, hard, if you don’t want to make a secret agent mad, don’t remove your dozens of ankles and binding ropes every minute, okay ? ^^).

And in the middle of all that, there’s the page 13 of the volume 2, that struck me like a rocket hammer between the eyes, WUT, intelligent thinking, regarding the future of human race and one of the possible impending crises, inside a hentai manga ? FUCK YEAR !
Seriously, did that ever happen before ? O_o

–Update: at long last, there we are: this post is obsolete, woot! :D
Meaning: I now share the COMPLETE Sorako No Tabi series ;)

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10 years ago

so is there a volume 1?

10 years ago
Reply to  guest

It’s not been scanned yet.

There’s also a 4th volume, but it’s loli.

By the way, Oliver. You spelled it wrong, it’s Sorako, not Soraki.

10 years ago
Reply to  HurpDurp

damn looked soo damn good thx for the info, but i hate incomplete material

im gonna pass this share, thx anyway

10 years ago
Reply to  wazzaby

Volume 4 is a different girl, but apparently episode 1 does involve Sorako.

Having said that, if you really want the whole thing that bad, you could just import it by buying it online and scanning it yourself (or pay someone – like – to do it for you). I’m sure someone would quickly come along and translate it.

You can buy it here (assuming it gets more instock, make sure you press the button to tell them you want them to restock the shit!):

Edit: Some others that may actually be in stock: