Machine [English], by Clone Ningen

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 6 comments
Tags: Mindbreak
I wouldn't fully object to reading a 200 pages-long manga developing that story into greater lengths, with half of it before she gets DPed by her students :3

A female teacher has built herself an iron-like facial armor, with a very stern attitude. Her unique and necessary outlet is to be an easy woman at night, unrecognizable, enjoying being courted by men. Until the day she stumbles on a former student and a group of 3 male students join their sempai.

At this point, and during my first read, I was “aaaaah, shieeeeet, this will be mindbreak rape, curse it.” But… actually, no, not like that. It’s better than that…

True, this is far from vanilla, but the woman was only embarrassed because it was with youngsters who knew her and were supposed to be still under her authority. I’m more concerned about the last page, that I don’t know how to understand.

And graphically : OH FUCK YEAH ! Very, VERY good drawings, of a really good-looking woman in her 25-30ies, good oral, vaginal, anal and DP :twisted:
This was released by Rinruririn, Maria V, Nemesis and Masamune, from Little White Butterflies, RinruriTrans and Ero Manga Girls, thank you :)

By the same artist, I also share Mitsubo No Kokuhaku (195 pictures), Pearl Grey Afterimage (176 pictures), M No Heya, Cotton Candy, Its Beautiful Flower and the uncensored version of M4 girls.

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Here comes the zip link! Help yourselves! ^^
(17 MB, 25 pictures, English)

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Just a hentai geek note, for the photoshoppers. Being absent minded made me lose one minute, while testing to see if there was a chance I could correctly decensor, or not, the pictures of this manga (turned out it was a “not”, sadly).
Who will understand why I got mad at myself for being a natural airhead ?
It’s on that picture;)

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Aw~~ You forget me! (Maria from Ero Manga Girls :P


>This was released by Rinruririn, Maria V, Nemesis and Masamune, from Little White Butterflies and RinruriTrans, thank you :)



Sorry, poor wording.
"From Little White Butterflies and RinruriTrans and Ero Manga Girls", that's what I was talking about.
(Some linking would be nice, too. But I guess that's asking too much)


I'm actually surprised he even mentioned "RinruriTrans", he normally only says the group (Little White Butterflies). I mean, look at most of Afro's things :X


I look at Afro's things on Afro's blog : /
I'm here because I saw the link on twitter, I don't come here very often so I don't know what Oliver usually does (but I remember he cited and linked every person in previous releases by Fuke and my group, for example).

Oliver AKA The Admin

Hi Maria,

Sorry if I forgot to mention you with your group, I'm terribly absent-minded, and I may have forgotten to do so.

As for the links, usually I'm damn lazy (and, frankly, there's Google or DuckDuckGo), but if you like, no worries, I'm adding your hyperlink :)