Netorare Kanojo [English, 184 pictures], by Satou Toshio

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments

With a name like that, the manga was surprisingly softcore, I'm reassured :)

Unlike what the title implies, there is no “betrayal” in that volume. This is, more simply, the story of highschoolers becoming fuck buddies, one of the girls had a former sex partner and gave up on him, while the other girl felt vaguely in love with a class mate but also gave up on him. In my eyes, that hardly qualifies as netorare, but, well.
The scenario doesn’t fly far, this is happy uncomplicated sex. Even the dominant male stereotype isn’t an asshole here, he’s just doing whatever he cares, and the girls happen to enjoy pairing up with him.

Graphically, that was good, a bit unusual (occasional straight lines from hip to waste : what ?!? :lol:), and with almost no censorship.
My sincere thanks are for a good old Netorare lover, who’s already provided lots of good contents to the community : CoNTRa ! Thank you very much, man, and also of course, thanks a lot to QB Trans, from whom he commissioned the translation :)

By the same artist, I also share Houkago Rankou Club 1,5

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10 years ago

Lol. nice bonus picture

10 years ago

art reminds me of Shiwasu No Okina :)

thanks again as always Oliver!!