Seieki Jaguchi (“Semen Faucet”) [English], by Ootori Mahiro

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 6 comments
Tags: comedy

This is frustrating, I can tell there is something out of place, but what the heck could it be ?

Seriously, what the hell is that ^^
We have an odd couple, a girl legitimately interested in sex, and her boyfriend who won’t make sexual advances on her despite having an obvious boner. She eventually finds the reason, he’s an ultra-prematurate ejaculator, who never runs dry and always stay hard.
At this point, I imagine you get the picture already, she gets cum bathed while having hardcore sex – so far so good – but she also puffs up like a balloon from being massively creampied. That fat semen belly was disgusting in my eyes (a pity since the beginning was good and the dialogues were funny), but, well, maybe not to yours, to each his own…

Credits are for Insemination (sic), Palaxius and Timtims, from, thank you ! :)

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About the comment in the caption picture, His right thigh is twice the length of his left.

Seishiro Haga
Seishiro Haga

Their right legs. Ew.


His right leg also does not appear to connect with his body considering the direction it is going.


Her butt's too far away. If you look at just her butt, it seems like her butt is pretty far away from the guy's chest… yet somehow, the guy's penis is in front of her thighs… In reality, if the guy's penis is straddled in between the怀girl's legs, then the butt almost definitely has to be more or less mated (PUN INTENDED) to the guy's chest / abdominal area

.hmmm but the more I look at it, the more confused I get


Dude's hips are disconnected. Look at his legs then "imagine" where his hips should be. Doesn't work. And the girl? With the exception of the wrist, she "technically" anatomically correct, just a matter of a very distorted perspective, which just turns this entire thing to crap. As an artist, you kind of have to redo this from scrap. If the girl was perspective correct, using foreshortening, the guy's junk would be covered up, making the image pointless. So. Change angle. Look at an anatomy book. And god damn it use reference. Tons of pornos out there.


I thought it was the fact there was an extra arm??