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Shut-In Sister [English], by Nishi Shizumu

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Brother, sister, missionary vaginal sex... The norm, right ?

At first, it looked really bleak, I was preparing myself to trashbin this manga… and then, *poof* let’s forget the first page, this is wincest time :shock:
This is about a shut-in sister, her brother thinks the time has come for extreme measures because he’s had it, he can’t bear her situation anymore. Just as he forces his way into her room, he finds her dressed sexy and she jumps on his dick, and in the end, without a worry, she’s healed and ready to face the outside world. Errr… OK, she was still insecure, but, still… O_o
–> «Doesn’t matter, had sex» ©®™

Thanks to Kameden for this release ^^

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While I’m at it… This whole shut-in theme, in Japan, is leaving me puzzled. How come the parents even allow it ? Are they fine feeding children staying behind closed doors, forever ? Why doesn’t anyone step up, kick their asses till they’ve walked out the front door and are back into the real world ?
I don’t say there aren’t real psychological cases requiring prolungated stays in mental clinics, but, come on, no other country allows this kind of behaviour… And yet, it’s supposedly something “that happens” in Japan ?!? :shock:

No, really, I fail to comprehend O_o

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What puzzles me Oliver is the male not knowing how their parents passed away O.o LOL. #Doesn't matter, had sex.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Yeah, talk about a great way to settle an ecchi mood, right ? :-/


I rather think his "I don't know why" is directed at the precedent sentence "My sister has been a shut-in for a number of years".

As for the rest of his thoughts on that page, it continues like "But [now that] our parents are dead, I need to take care of the normal household chores [plus my reclusive, shut-in sis]. I'm at my limit!"


The existence of shut-ins in Japan is, to the best of my knowledge, vastly exaggerated in Japanese media. It's one of those thing that is so prevalent in manga and anime that you think it must be a huge problem over there, but … well, it's like how many people in the US have vastly exaggerated perceptions of how unsafe they are and how prevalent crime is, because a lot of our media is about violent criminals. "Life mimics art," as they say.

That said, any number of real social factors could be related to how it's caught on. I don't really know anything about Japanese attitudes towards mental illness, but a lot of real shut-ins here in the US are unmedicated depressives. It may have something to do with how bad the economy and job-market in Japan have been for quite a while, which makes it harder for children to break away from their parents. It could be related to hostile and/or exaggerated perceptions of otaku subculture, since a lot of depicted shut-ins are otaku. (And personally, I think maybe it has something to do with how many young men still aren't expected to take care of themselves without a woman to cook or do laundry for them.)


(And it totally does happen all over the world, especially among young men who come from deeply sexist cultures that baby them and tell them they're entitled to be taken care of because of their sex.)

Oliver AKA The Admin

Thanks for the feedback in this regard, Gka. At least, I'm glad to read this isn't as spread as we see in mangas…


Actually, it has to do a lot more with the Japanese cultural perception of shame and dishonor, which extends to the mere idea of admitting that your son/daughter is mentally ill and requires psychiatrical attention. No, really. Check out "Hikikomori" on Wikipedia for more info.


my cousin was close like hikki albeit sometimes he stil meet his friends but he dont want to see the other relatives