Kitsune No Yomeiro (“The Fox’s Wedding”), a cute and beautiful story, is now UNCENSORED !

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 1 comment
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The decensored version of a picture that was great already. Schoolgirl ready for missionary :)

Good news fellow hentai lovers, thanks to Palimpsest’s great work, The Fox’s Wedding has been decensored ! :D

In my eyes, when a hentai manga is uncensored, it is so easier to “immerse myself” in its pages, without fear an abominable censorship is going to forcibly pull me back into the real world and make me curse some hentai editor…

Kitsune No Yomeiro, now uncensored, is available HERE :)

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10 years ago

Yeah… this was a cute one! Thanks Oliver! And three cheers for the crushes of younger sisters…