33 Year Old Lusty Housewife [English, 198 pictures], by Kuroki Hidehiko, is now UNCENSORED ! :D

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments
Tags: cheating, slut

Adultery doggystyle. With French kissing. Adorable.

Excellent news, my dear Palimpsest has decensored the 198 pictures-long 33 Year Old Lusty Housewife. This is his 4th Kuroki Hidehiko full volume decensoring, neat, eh ? ^___^

Just compare : BEFORE / AFTER . Okay ? :shock:
(And a detail I noticed ^^)
Thank you SO MUCH, man, really ! :)

By the same artist, I also share Young Wife And Highschool Girl Collection (205 pages), 32 year Old unsatisfied Wife (207 pictures) and 34 year Old Begging Wife (201 pictures).

33 Year Old Lusty Housewife, Uncensored, is available HERE

As for the exact changes brought by Palimpsest, I’ll quote his email :
« A lot of changes made. First, all of the censorship is gone! No mean feat, considering nearly every panel which had censorship had double censorship, and some of them had TRIPLE censorship! A lot of artwork obliterated, which I had to re-draw. All of the two-page spreads are now seamlessly connected. The table of contents is now the second page, and it’s updated to match the pages in the zip file, and those few pages which have page numbers now match the page numbers in the zip file. One word balloon still had untranslated Japanese, which I’m guessing was just another moan, so I put that in. Finally, there was a lot of tiny, illegible hand-lettered text, which I replaced with larger, readable printed text.
That’s everything on your website by Kuroki Hidehiko now censorship-free! »

I’ll still add a personal note : there are pages where the end result isn’t perfect, but I’ll highlight that decensoring is closer to art than science, the results may vary, not everyone may love them. And it was by hyper-far the toughest decensoring Palimpsest had to face, while, lastly, I think even the mangaka didn’t give his all about the blackened areas since there would be the censoring.

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General Hentai
General Hentai
10 years ago

As Will Shakespeare would say, "This is great shit!"

The only reason to down vote this is if you're afraid that you can't satisfy a real woman, and that sexually unsatisfied women should remain slaves to their sexless husbands, and soil themselves at the thought of women being able to determine their own sexuality and enjoy sex to the fullest while being in control of their sexual choices and enjoyment. My advise to you gents is to click on those Fleshlight ads…you'll need them until you grow a pair.

Ser Maggot
Ser Maggot
10 years ago

This is my favorite out of all Kuroki's works. Thanks for the decensoring job, Palimpsest.

My Thoughts
My Thoughts
10 years ago

I really enjoy this series(I guess you could call it that?) even though it's cheating. But even though it's cheating it's not like the other guys/husbands are really into their women, so it still gives me that happy feeling to see them with these good men.