Amamori’s Weekend [English], by Yuki Seto, is now UNCENSORED !

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The face of a woman on the brink of ecstasy. This is beautiful.

With great thanks to Hentai-Kun, Amamori’s Spear, by Yuki Seto, is now UNCENSORED ! :twisted:

This sequel to Amamori’s Spear is a strangely twisted story, depicting sex that must feel incredibly good (hnnng, I’m envious, wanna taste that girl !!), with excellent oral and vaginal sex, and a happy end, with Yuki Seto’s unique talent at building an unusual story (this time, it’s not creepy at least ^^) and drawing both faptastic girls and intriguing backgrounds.

Wondering what changes the decensoring means ? Before / After.
I also cleaned a bit the grayish images : First… and After :)

Amamori’s Weekend, now decensored, is available HERE :)

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