Pink De Pink [English, 193 pictures], by Azuma Tesshin

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments
Tags: comedy, Ecchi
A japanese priests (miko) riding on a penis, basically, yeah

Haaa, I had a really good time reading that manga ! :D Pink De Pink is an ecchi manga with a full-volume scenario, based on magic, gods, endurance, love – and crazy situations :twisted:

This kind of manga, I’m recommending it to everyone :)

Of course there won’t be much sex and not much to see when sex happens – “ecchi”, remember -, but there are benefits, like a full scenario, and lots of hilarity all along =) Basically, whenever Azuma Tesshin could place a joke, he did place one :lol:

Pink De Pink comes from the hard work of a lot of persons : Kanapox, Cham, Pitero Kat, RedSavant, Satsuki Shizuka, Shadow-Skill, Azura, Dacs89, DragoZero, Nic, Aruigus808, Gsomuano, Moonwind, Sayaman, Streamline, Tecnproy, Mariaangela, ToxicStream, from Animexis Scans :)

For more works by Azuma Tesshin, please see the list of all his works on Hentairules

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10 years ago

one of the best ecchi or hentai manga i've read so far…almost cry but i can still holding in…poor momo but she got what she wants,a peaceful one :)

10 years ago

wow it's been awhile since i read a Azuma Tesshin work :D

my favorite is Ikemasen Ojyosama!!

one of my favorite artists ever :)

thanks again Oliver!!