The Professor Has An Unusual Fetish [English], by Fujiya

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments
Tags: comedy

A brown-skinned girl enjoying doggystyle vaginal penetration. She's an android - I doubt you had noticed.

The drawing quality is quite average in that share (even though a brown-skilled heroine with fair hair is a good start), the triple thick black bar censorship gave me murderous feelings. But even like that, I think this is worth a read, the scenario was quite fun ^^
This is about a typical “hentai mad scientist”, building female robots in order to finally lose his virginity. His first creating throws stingy remark after stingy remark at him, and their having sex at last doesn’t improve their relation to the slightest :D
It’s fun to read, thanks a LOT to Desu, Donkey_Kong and Flammz for this release :)

The final “cake” (despite the useless mention of the number 92, uranium’s atomic number – number of protons -, while the common practice is to refer to the atom’s atomic weight) was… hilarious ! :D

By the same artist, I also share Bukiyou No Sasamori-san, Piled Spice MAX, The North Wind The Sun And The AcademyYou’ve Got Female 1-3 and Kick Ass.

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As a geek, I can totally agree that, *ahem* "This Cake Is Not A Lie" — and it was a fucking brilliant joke.

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Thank you for this wonderful hentai story. You totally make my day complete. This is freaking awesome!