Little Sister Lip, by Yuzuki N’ Dash, is now COMPLETE

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By HurpDurp on 1 comment
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I think it's really fortunately I was born an only son, without a sister After a year and a month, suddenly a new chapter appears! It’s a short 6 page epilogue of sorts that came with the recent Shiiba-san tank and consists of ONLY a blow job, so I didn’t feel like bothering to make it it’s own post or own zip, but there you have it. I also swapped out the old images Oliver did from Woootskie’s version with a new ones that Flammz claimed had “fixes”. I had originally assumed he just used Oliver’s version, but that isn’t the case as all THREE looked different upon closer inspection.

Anyway… Little Sister Lips, now COMPLETE, is available HERE :)

There’s also another new one that came out recently called “Imouto Lip Mayu no Fuyuyasumi Hen“, which I at first thought was the sequel to this, but evidently isn’t. The characters look the same, but the girl’s name is different (“Mayu” as opposed to “Miku”) and she wouldn’t let her brother see her pussy, which isn’t the case in the original story. Either way, that’s what I, HurpDurp, am posting tomorrow, so~

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10 years ago

Heyo Oliver!
My latest project.
mediafire link:

I hope you guys have enjoy it as much as my previous ones. My other projects are here
I have a crappy upload speed so I'd appreciate if someone else uploads them onto filehosts (you'll also notice most of them aren't even uploaded by me in the EH galleries)

I encourage the dissemination of them since that's the whole point of me doing them to begin with. Happy fapping :)